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Almost Two?

How the heck can that be so? In just two months my itty bitty baby boy will be two years old. Where does the time go?

Can you tell the kid is a serious ham? 

He winks and people laugh. 

I fear for his teachers. ;D

But the kid is damn cute. 

Oh, the tragedy!

Who knew that life with three children under the age of seven would come with so much drama and agony???

What's odd is that Grace is not represented in any of these photos...

That could be because she had such a tremendous month...

OR, it COULD be that her meltdowns are too massive to try to photograph!

A Smidge Behind

Ok, so I am admittedly behind on things like blogging, photo editing, cleaning, laundry, cooking and sleep. Life. When I finally maxed out the space in my camera I realized just how behind I managed to get. Below are some much overdue pictures of a certain young man's month birthdays. Forgive the fact that they are *almost* two months late. (And the fact that he is either eating, bruised and/or covered in food in each picture)

He is cute though!


It's Spring now... sort of. The calendar says it is and the almanac concurs. However, when I look out the window to see snow AT THE END OF MARCH I have to disagree with both. It's cold. Really cold. We are almost a month into our track season and we've have two practices. New Jersey is usually a fairly mild place to winter, but not this year.

** Note we did get ONE warm day to run.

But as I look around I see bulbs rising and buds forming on the trees. My catalog pile is full of gardening catalogs and magazine. I have planned out my garden for the season and started creating the vision in my head. My plants and seeds are ordered and the mulch delivery is all set.

I live for this time of year. The winter makes me feel like I tree in "hybernation". I wait out the cold season until I get get back outside and breath again. I shake off the melancholy every single cold, wintry day because I know that soon there will be sprinkler runs after dinner and bubbles in the driveway. Soon my hands will be in the dirt and my extra minutes will be spent pulling weeds or planting something beautiful. I feel like I hold my breath winter long.

A winter like this one has been leaves me feeling more tired than usual. Like holding my breath for this extra month will overwhelm me. I won't let it. Spring will come. Better late than never.

Terrible Two's

I forever heard about the Terrible Two's. I feared it and prepared for it with the girls. However, it never *really* came. They had there rough moments but it could not compare to the Three's. The three's were hell. We had temper tantrums, attitude problems, independence assertions left and right... it was atrocious.

But now, as we close in on two with The Boy Child, well... it's getting ugly. The little dude has gone from laid back and mellow to wild, overly independent and downright naughty at times. He throws. He hits. He climbs (and climbs and climbs and climbs).

** He is sitting on the kitchen table playing little people.

He punches the tv and throws dinosaurs down the stairs. He steals his sisters iPods and hides them. 

So, is it the terrible two's? Is it different with boys? (Dear God don't tell me this is nothing, the threes are worse.) I'm praying it's a short lived phase. Not sure I'm holding my breath for that but one can hope.

Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day - February 28, 2014

February 28th marks the seventh annual Rare Disease Day. As a parent of a child living with a rare condition we know how challenging a rare diagnosis is. 

Thanks to Kelly and Jeff for creating this beautiful way to honor our RS kiddo's today!!!

Rough Winter

As I write this the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. It's 57 degrees but I also know that in three days another snow storm will be barreling down on us. Snow storm number 12... or is it 13? I have officially lost track. Thankfully this warm snap is melting away much of the snow that has been sitting for weeks and weeks.

We are a zone 7 in NJ (used to be a 6 but got rezoned recently) and I am not terribly optimistic about some of my plant life. The grass looks very unhappy. My bushes and plants are broken and droopy. The snow and ice have played havoc on our yard.

This winter has cost us plants, bushes, wear and tear on the patio furniture, a couple of skinned knees from slipping (mostly Grace and Jack) and now my van.

My poor van got rear ended the other day when I was on the way to the grocery store. Poor young girl must have slid on the black ice right into me. Everyone was fine. But more annoyance and frustration brought about by this ugly weather.

Come on Spring. We're waiting.

Looooooooonnnnnngggg Winter

It's been a long winter in New Jersey. I mean, really long. We are accustomed to a couple of snowfalls each year and temperatures that fluctuate from the 20's all the way to occasional 50's. This year we have had a whopping 11 snow storms of note, temperatures mostly in the teens and twenties and snow on the ground almost all winter.

As many of you know I am NOT a winter person. I like our typically mild winters. I am the kind of person who sees snow in the forecast and feels a little sad. I see snow and cold as limitations. They are things that keep me inside and make my kids crazy.

We're trying very hard to take it in stride. We're doing our very best to keep busy and occupied. Some days are successful while others are much less so. With five snow days so far and more delayed openings than I can count I will be one happy Mom when Spring arrives!!!

Inspired Blogging - Post #5 - Time you told a lie...

5. That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn’t and that would make an even better blog post! Cringe}

I love the idea of this one but had SUCH A HARD TIME coming up with one. Not that I am perfect or honest 100% of the time but I have never been afraid to tell the truth or speak my mind so not an easy task. A huge lie is not really in my nature. (I'm more of a little white lie type ;D)

So here it is. It isn't that crazy or even funny but ... the time I told a huge lie and got away with it was...

When Brian and I decided to start having kids we had already been married for over five years. I guess we always knew we'd get around to it but when you get married at 20 there no rush. It became fairly evident early on in the "trying" process that it wasn't going to happen quickly or easily. After a couple of unsuccessful months I did some digging around online. I started charting my cycle and monitoring things like Basal Body Temperature. I had my cycle figured out to the day but still nothing.

When we decided it was time to get help we had been trying for about 7 or 8 months. I called a few doctors offices to find someone who could help and I was met with a question. "How long have you been trying unsuccessfully"? To which I replied (honestly) "7 or 8 months". Then I was informed that if we had not been trying for more than a year, at our age, no reproductive endocrinologist would see us.

So I lied. I called another office and I lied through my teeth. I confirmed we had been trying over a year and stuck to my story. I got an appointment and the process of Infertility testing started a few months later.

So, that's it. My big lie. I never did "get caught" although I doubt there would be serious repercussions had I been. We ended up with a different doctor in the end and I am guessing by the time we did any treatment we had been trying well over a month.

(Sorry for the boring story! ;D)

Inspired Blogging #4 - The day you left home

4. The day you left home

Believe it or not, the day I left home, was the day I got married. It almost seems odd in the world we live in but that was my reality. I was a Junior in college, yup, only 20 years old. I was not even legal to drink at my own wedding. And are you ready for this... I didn't! Not one drop. Laughable now, but I felt obligated back then. Not even the champagne toast.


Anyway, my wedding day was a beautiful blur. Church wedding in the woods. All of my family and friends. NINETY degrees on May 30th and I barely cared. The reception was at a beautiful reception hall. The food was amazing. The music was perfect. It was the perfect wedding. Obviously, the groom wasn't half bad.

We left for our honeymoon the next morning and spent over a week in California. We just tooled around different cities, staying in different hotels. It was a great trip. The funny thing is it didn't dawn on me until I came home that I was officially leaving home.

The day we got back my parents picked us up at the airport. We went to their house for a welcome home picnic. When it was time to go home I went to say goodbye to my parents and totally fell apart. It was like it all crashed down on me at that moment. I wouldn't be waking up in the house of the people who took care of me for 20 years. I adore my parents. I enjoy their company more than I can say. No more weekend coffee and newspaper reading. No more helping with dinner. No more sitting out back by the pond. All of that was, of course, untrue as I still spent a large amount of time with my family.

I settled into the idea of married life very quickly and still spent plenty of time with my parents and Genna. So I guess my leaving home story was bittersweet. I married my soul mate and began a beautiful new life. But I also left behind a pretty terrific existence of being my parents child. I am very thankful that I now live somewhere in between. I can be both a wife and a child.



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Over 8 years we have struggled through 3 IUI's, 6 rounds of IVF, several RE's, hundreds of appointments and the loss of three little angels. Now we find ourselves the proud parents of two perfect little girls and a wonderful little boy!!

Both of our girls struggle with some disabilities but that won't keep us down. Each day has it's own brand of insanity but we love it. Most days I am more monkey wrangler than mother but I do the best I can. Todays goal - getting to tomorrow.

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