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The Story of Me Continued (Part 6)

We went the next morning and Bry had to make his "deposit." We had to wait 2 hours until the IUI procedure. We went to breakfast (the same place where we had the discussion that led us to the beginning of our TTC journey) and then to my Mom's house for some last minute support. I am not sure that I actually sat still for more than a second during those 2 hours. When it was time, we went to the office and started the worst part of the wait. We were scheduled for 10am but didn't get called til 11. So I had to sit in a waiting room, with a group of equally stressed out women and try not to jump out of my skin. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Bry sat there calmly and read while I was freaking out.

When we finally got called we were taken to a small exam room. There were 2 vials sitting there, which housed our reluctant little swimmers. While we waited we gave them a pep talk. We informed that we didn't want them to head toward the light, go the other way. The doc came in and I was ushered up onto the table. I took the dreaded prone position of legs in stirrups with everything exposed. Sounds fun, huh? Well it gets better.

They the insert the speculum which is oh so comfortable. They clean the cervix, which feels like they take a piece of sandpaper and file down the tissue. Then this lovely pinching feeling happens when they stick the catheter through the cervix. The spermies are then sent on there journey. I spent the whole experience trying to think positive thoughts, being that I was lying on a table with the goal of conceiving my child. After the procedure was over, which was all of 5 minutes, I had to remain on the table with my ass in the air for 20 minutes. So, we sat together and I tried so hard not to cry. I don't know why I felt the urge to cry, maybe because deep down I knew it wouldn't work. Or, maybe it was the thought of having to go through all of this just to do what should be so easy and natural. I just felt a little defeated.

I spent the next 2 weeks (we in the TTC game like to call this the 2 week-wait, abbrev. 2ww) trying to be optimistic. I paid attention to every cramp, twinge, and tickle in my body; looking for any sign of pregnancy. After 14 days of waiting the witch found me. Then it was back for round 2.



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Over 8 years we have struggled through 3 IUI's, 6 rounds of IVF, several RE's, hundreds of appointments and the loss of three little angels. Now we find ourselves the proud parents of two perfect little girls and a wonderful little boy!!

Both of our girls struggle with some disabilities but that won't keep us down. Each day has it's own brand of insanity but we love it. Most days I am more monkey wrangler than mother but I do the best I can. Todays goal - getting to tomorrow.

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