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Nausea, heartburn, headaches...oh my.

Ok, I know I said before the whole "I'm not going to complain thing" but so many of you gave me the green light that I just have to rant a little. Sorry to those of you still TTC, I know there is nothing worse than listening to a pregnant woman bitch. So if that is the case STOP READING HERE.

So my days have been comprised of waking up about an hour earlier than usual so I have enough time to get myself together for work. I wake up hungry, nauseous, weak and exhausted. I spend a half hour on the sofa trying to feel strong enough to get dressed. I try to eat something but my gag reflex seems to be working against me. Even brushing my teeth is a trial. Once I get to work I am usually ok but still have nausea and heartburn.

Most days I try to nap cause if I don't I am so tired I feel like I could cry. I thought insomnia made me tired but I had no idea. I have never been so tired in my whole life. Sometimes, if I am in a store or driving, I feel like I am going to fall on the ground and just fall asleep. My nights are spent alternating between more nausea, headaches, exhaustion, shortness of breath and this terrible restless feeling in my legs. I am tired as hell but can't seem to sit still. My legs feel so uncomfortable when I try to keep them still.

I am still so very happy to finally be pregnant, but pregnancy sure is no picnic.


Anonymous 11:15 PM  

I definitely remember feeling that tired - like I was going to cry if I couldn't close my eyes for just a brief nap! I'd come home from work everyday for lunch (don't know if you're close enough to do that) but I would absolutely have to nap (and I only had one!). Oh and this is going to sound gross but I had to start brushing my teeth in the mornings while I was in the shower because I didn't have the time to spend hovering over the sink or toilet (mostly just dry heaves or *yucky* bile) and have the time to take a shower. You will definitely get creative in your attempts to feel normal for the next several months.. It seems hard now but you'll make it through! Just think how tired you will be when the little ones get here! ;-) Good luck and I'm thinking about you!

Rachel Inbar 10:43 AM  

It does get easier soon, as soon as your body gets used to it. It's only realistic to notice that morning sickness is no picnic. I think that's why I originally wrote the opposite of what you did about pregnancy and parenting after infertility :-) I guess it's only once you're there that you can understand. Glad you're there :-)

Plant Girl 8:58 PM  

They say that the tiredness of pregnancy prepares you for motherhood. Ha! I'd love to say it does, but both seem different to me and both are so incredibly difficult.

I know that it may seem soooo very, very hard right now to get through this time. But I promise, at some point (hopefully the 2nd tri for you) it will get easier and the outcome is worth it. ((hugs))



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