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Are all parents dorks??

This weekend I was "lucky" enough to chaperone my nephew at two birthday parties for his school chums. He is 5 and both of his friends were turning the same age. One was a gymnastics party and the other was at my very favorite... Chucky Cheese (man I hate that place). Being almost 4 months pregnant with twins makes me look about 5 or 6 months pregnant, so it is quite obvious to all. The first observation I made is that every mother at these parties feels the need to share some personal or inappropriate tidbit about their pregnancy or labor. Is it my hormones that make them lose their social graces. That and every feels the need to touch my belly... ALREADY. Cut me a brake, it is cold and flu season.

The other major observation I have made is that most parents are absolute dorks. Does this brainwashing happen at the childbirthing classes or do they teach it in the hospital after the babies are born. Maybe once the lactation specialist leaves the dork coach enters. It is like every parent has this drone, "parentese" voice that goes up the spine of any other adult. They also have this mode of dress, hair and makeup that makes them look about 10 years their own senior. I just need to find out when this process occurs so I can skip that day at birthing classes.


tim 2:06 AM  

don't worry, you were well on your way to dorkishness long before you even thought about having kids. Then marrying my brother didn't help.

WendyLou 3:01 PM  

I pray that I have avoided the dorkyparent lesson. Maybe I missed it because I was in the NICU.

On the White and Nerdy test, I scored a 63%, so I doubt it.

What is it with seeing a pregnant woman and having to tell her all the horor stories they have ever heard. Once we knew things were problematic with my pregnancy... people had to tell me about all the dead babies they ever knew. Like that would help me relax, NOT!!!

I hate Chuck E. Cheese. Yuck.

WendyLou 3:04 PM  

Oh, I also want to add, I once slapped a woman's hand who touched my belly. I was at the grocery store cramming the tabloids, and this stranger started touching my belly under the magazine. I used the magazine as a weapon and smacked her hand.

She was all upset. I said that she assaulted me, and I was defending myself. She scared me for crying out loud.

I got really good at guessing who was a toucher and deflecting the hands touching me. Not that I really showed, but I'm sure it would have been worse had I showed.

Smack their hands, they are the ones being rude. You are just defending yourself and your personal space.

Plant Girl 3:26 PM  

I guess I was really lucky -- NO ONE except my mom (when I was home for Krys' wedding and then my baby shower) touched my belly when I was pg. I would have flipped out. But I suppose, I rarely left the house either.

As for the dorkiness, I hope that I avoided it too, but I have a sneaky suspicion that some of it took hold. My problem is that I dress like a slob when I'm home b/c I don't have much time to actually get ready and I just don't care. LOL Not gonna put on dress clothes to walk around the house. But I do really, really try my hardest when out and about to look nice. Even if it's just jeans and a decent shirt.

I think though that by being aware of the possibility and if you make a conscious effort you're already a step ahead of the curve. And I'll tell you if you turn into too big of a dork! ;)

Nickie 7:24 PM  

Just you wait missy! You'll be a dork with the best of us soon enough! Times two!! LOL

Why is it that the ppl that have to reach out to touch the belly are the ones that dislike invasions of their personal space the most? I have a neighbor who just HAD to rub my belly a few weeks ago. Um, hello, that's not baby, that's just my fat leftover from my son! Oh well. I think if someone asks to rub your belly (it's a miracle if they ask first, but whatever) you should ask to rub their butt.

Kristen 11:25 PM  

Nickie - I think I might try that!!!! ;>)



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