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Crummy Moods

For about the third day in a row I have woken up in the most miserable, grumpy mood. I have no idea why one day I can wake up pleasant and the next I can be such grouch. I think a lot has to do with how I feel on a particular day or what I have to do that day. Another big part of it is that I am bored with not working and I hate being bored. I guess the rest of it is just pregnancy hormones. I just hate being so blah day after day. I swear that I can manage to make myself miserable. Got to find a way to get out of this slump.


Nickie 12:58 PM  

Don't discount the weather in that equation too. We've had a few sunny clear days lately and it's amazing what it's done to my moods!

Maybe since you're not working you can approach baby prep like a work assignment and map it out so you have something to do every day toward the goal?

Kristen 3:37 PM  

That is a great idea Nick, I should do that. Besides, I do love to plot and plan. I miss that part of work as much as anything.

Anonymous 7:42 PM  

I went thru the same thing when I quit working. I was a teacher and after 2 miscarriages my doctor suggested I stay home once I was preggo. I was so used to being consumed with my job I felt empty and annoyed. I decided my new "job" was to be as healthy and relaxed as possible during my pregnancy. I exercised every day, researched new and healthy meals, ate picnic lunches outdoors, took lots of naps, etc. All my friends worked so I spent lots of time alone thinking positively about my pregnancy and the baby. I really think it helped! Another thing I did was spend LOTS of time researching baby products before I registered. My pregnancy seemed to take forever, but I am thankful I had that time to regroup after all the negativity of miscarrying and infertility. I think it made me a much happier new mom.

I am so happy for you! I hope you end up enjoying this pregnancy as much I enjoyed mine. Just relax and get to know your babies! :)

Michelle 1:33 PM  

Ohhh yeah...those slumps suck. It's like a mega-dose of PMS. I don't have any good suggestions b/c I never figured out a way to get out of them other than riding it out and letting time do its thing...But I can sympathize!!

Pretty soon you'll be calling your babies by their names and getting their room all ready - that'll probably help keep your mind off it :)



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Both of our girls struggle with some disabilities but that won't keep us down. Each day has it's own brand of insanity but we love it. Most days I am more monkey wrangler than mother but I do the best I can. Todays goal - getting to tomorrow.

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