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General Update

I thought I would give a general update of how I have been feeling. I was feeling a little better for while but the morning sickness has decided to stick around for a while. Mornings are rough and sometimes the late afternoon can be tough. Every night around 9 or 10 I start to feel like crap. I get headaches and nausea. I also have problems with Restless Leg Syndrome. I have never had it before but in the past two months it drives me crazy at nights. I can't keep my legs still.

I have also had terrible backaches, but mostly on one side. Brian rubs my sore back almost daily but it still goes back to aching by the next day. The headaches have been almost daily but not a full on migraine. The fatigue has tapered a bit although I have been able to sleep pretty well at night, so that helps.

I have very little appetite. I figured with carrying two that hunger would be a constant, but instead I have to force myself to eat meals. I am supposed to consume an extra 600 calories per day, which I have not been great about doing. I have gained about 6 pounds so far, which is within the 7-12 range that I should be in. Hopefully I can stay on track for a minimal weight gain. I don't want to have too little weight gain but with twins they expect a gain of at least 50 pounds. I would like to stay around that mark.

That is about all to report. Overall I feel okay at best. Some days are much better than others. Usually the second trimester is a time of feeling better so hopefully that will take hold soon.


Plant Girl 11:43 AM  

It stinks that you're feeling so crappy. Although I can totally relate. Hopefully all of the miseries ease slightly or you find ways to alleviate some of the discomfort(s).

So, here's my assvice for the day:

*Go to the chiro for the backaches. It was a lifesaver for me. My back was out of whack b/c of all the puking I did. Plus as you gain weight it throws everything off. Will also help w/ pelvic/hip pain too. If you find a "good" one they can also help with any numbness you are experiencing (like I was having problems w/ my hands/fingers due to the swelling).

*Buy one of those Homedics (or whatever brand you can find) chair massagers. You know, the kind that looks like a seat cover and has massage/heat. C bought me one for my birthday last summer. It would feel so good to sit in it for 30 minutes or so here and there. Or just use a heating pad on low or medium to help relax the muscles.

*To help with the headaches--make sure that you're well hydrated. I know that's extremely hard when you're dealing w/ m/s still. I found though that on days where I had a bad headache, if I upped my water intake it would help tremendously. I took an empty 64oz. juice container, cleaned it out really well and would use that to monitor my water intake every day. I'd fill it in the morning and would try to get through the whole thing in a day. It's great b/c you can easily see how much you've drank. Then I'd just drink milk/juice with meals (if I could) and count them as "extra" fluids.

*To help get the extra calories, especially with little appetite, try Ensure drinks. My OB recommended them. You can get ones w/ higher protein for pg women, but the extra cost really isn't worth it (per my pharmacist). I would buy the ready made chocolate ones and would sip on them for breakfast. At least I knew I was getting "good" calories along w/ some vitamins/nutrients. You could do carnation instant breakfast drinks too, but they're much higher in sugar and don't have as many other nutrients like the Ensure does.

I continue to hope that you do find that reprieve of the 2nd trimester. And feel free to throw things at me through cyber-space for all of my suggestions. ;)

Kristen 4:45 PM  

Thanks Mandy, you are the best!!! I love the idea about the water container. I am definitely not getting enough water.

Plant Girl 6:03 PM  

I'm glad that my assvice is somewhat helpful. I'm trying my hardest to not be that person. LOL Just offering suggestions, letting you know what worked for me in the hopes that it helps you too.

The water trick I learned from a friend years ago. I need to start doing it again as I've been horrible about drinking enough water.

Kristen 6:12 PM  

I love your assvice, as you call it! Only way to learn is to listen. :>)

Nickie 10:07 PM  

I 2nd the rec for a chiro - they're a lifesaver! Yoga is good for the joints too.

I have RLS, have for years, and it sucks! Mine takes the form of clenching muscles so my legs take turns seizing up for a second or two then stopping, over and over and over. I've had it since I was in Jr. High when I grew waaaay too fast one year (6in in 9 mo).

Mandy has great advice for the headaches and calories too. I hope you start to feel the good stuff of the 2nd tri soon.



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