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What are we having?

A couple people have asked if we are finding out what sexes the babies are. The answer is undoubtedly YES. I cannot find out soon enough. I have a lot of respect for people who have the patience to wait, but I am not one of those people. I NEED to know what to buy, how to do the room, what names to choose, etc. I am so hopeful that at my next u/s (in a little over two weeks) the babies will cooperate enough that we can see something. I am very excited for that day!


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria 1:40 PM  

Good for you for not only making the decision and sticking with it, but also for not apologizing for it! I had so many people who got upset that we found out. I just didn't want a baby whose only clothes were green and yellow! Yeah, yeah, of course the main concern is just that they're healthy. But beyond that, why not know if you want?!?

Jessica 3:03 PM  

You'll be glad you found out. I was a planner also, and with everything that went on after delivery, I was glad I had everything in order before the baby was born. I didn't need the extra anxiety of not knowing. Even though you will know the sexes, it's still exciting when you get to see those little faces!

Kristen 3:14 PM  

The way I see it, it will be a surprise no matter when we find out. :>)

Plant Girl 3:30 PM  

With twins, there's no way we could have waited either. Too much stuff to do and buy to not know the genders.

There were times that it was hard not knowing and we did end up with a ton of yellow and green stuff, but in the end I'm glad we waited. All the yellow and green helped to balance all the pink we got AFTER Katie was born! LOL

No matter what though, it's your decision and no one should give you any crap for what you decide. I still love you, even though you're impatient! ;) (Totally giving you a hard time, btw...)

Anonymous 4:07 PM  

I was so anxious to find out what we were having but my little one stubbornly had her legs crossed tightly at the ankles! I ended up leaving the sonogram in tears and running straight over to the place that does the 3D sonograms (they do gender scans too) and they were able to take the time to just focus on the gender. (Talk about impatient - huh Mandy? ;-)) When we get pregnant with #2 we're not going to find out. Unfortunately I have to have a repeat C-Section and since we're already going to know the birthday I figure it will be fun to have one surprise! (I hope I can stick with the decision!) I can't wait to hear if you guys are able to find out what your Tots are! :-D

WendyLou 5:55 PM  

K, so I wanted to know what she was at my 6 weeks u/s. Then she would not cooperate for about 3 u/s after she was big enough.

Hopefully the twins will feel generous with their "views".

At first I wanted to not know. After we started having problems, I wanted to know so we could get the baby named asap.

Plus I really wanted to be able to go buy dresses. :)

Sherri 9:21 PM  

I would have to know - the sooner the better. Preferably the 6th week of pregnancy if it was possible.
Whatever happened to buying a baby white? Everyone who keeps talking about going baby shopping for me (th whole world knows I am going through IVF) suggests green or yellow ... and I simply respond white - its classic.

Marz 10:08 PM  

I'm so glad to hear you say that. I don't know how those people that don't find out do it either. I couldn't find out soon enough myself.
I, however, think you're having a boy & a girl



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