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A Better Day

Well people, once again blogging has turned out to be a wonderful thing. The kind wors that some of you wrote have touched me in a way I cannot explain. The past 24 hours were sheer, agonizing torture. I have gone from feeling the lowest a person could feel wishing that God would just take me child and not let her suffer to feeling like she is going to be absolutely perfect no matter what anyone says. It has been a very bumpy ride, but with the support of my amazing husband, my family and all of you we have come so far in a short time.

We met with the OB today, I talked to my sister (who some of you know is an Obstetrical Physicians Assistant) and my Mom has ton a ton of internet research and what we are finding is that the doc we met with yesterday may have been painting us the bleakest picture possible. That perhaps our little girl has a shot at a perfectly normal life with typical development. We are starting to hear stories (even through this blog) of people in the same situation who have normal, healthy babies. We are deciding that we have to rely on faith that your daughter is going to be fine and this is all part of the plan.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, your support and your faith. We need it right now.


Kristen 7:11 PM  

Just me, Mom, first time I have actually read this thing, I am as you know technologically impaired. Remember your memo or motto in the blog itself. Things will be OK with a strong support system behind you.
We LOVE both girls and know we can handle anything life throws at us.

You have waited too long for this to become a sad thing. Unfortunately life is never as we plan, but the rewards can be just as sweet.


Anonymous 7:12 PM  

Since it is obvious I signed as you - we are all sure I am technologically challenged!!

Sami 7:55 PM  

I think that being prepared for the worst is okay... expecting the best is as well. I hope that the doctor's intention was to give you the worst case scenario so that you would be prepared and be happy with a better scenario that could occur. I know as a nurse I do that with patients - I paint the bleakest picture because if I do so then there won't be disappointment, however if that picture is wrong then they'll be happy that I was proven wrong.

Know you guys are in my prayers and I'm sorry that you have to even go through all this.

Plant Girl 12:26 AM  

I'm just going to echo what Sami said (must be why we get along so well) about hoping it was the doctor's intent to paint the worst picture. They need to prepare you for the worst and then we'll all pray for the best! It's a probability game and it sucks that you have to play it right now.

I'm glad that you're having a better day today. I honestly believe that your attitude/optimism will have a tremendous impact on Baby A. Stay strong, for her (and her sister, of course) and continue to believe that everything will work out the way it's supposed to.

Love ya.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria 9:11 AM  

I know all too well that it's so hard when all you can do is wait, and pray. Knowing that what happens is out of your control is difficult to deal with, but if you continue to rely on the support of loved ones, you'll get through it.

We're hoping and praying for the best for you all, and that all that remains is to have a story to tell little Baby A down the road about what a scare she gave her mommy and daddy.

Anonymous 12:53 PM  

Just like Kris said one the hardest parts of my pregnancy was worrying about things that were out of my control and that I couldn't change.

Your mom sounds very sweet and loving... My mom reminded me while I was pregnant that "Stress isn't good for the baby" and to "Let go and let God" (stop worrying about what I couldn't change and let God work his miracle).

I am praying that things work out the best way possible for your girls!

seattlegal 3:32 PM  

Your mom sounds so incredibly sweet. I'm glad you have your sister that is in this field to help you figure out what's being said to you.

You sound like you have incredible support system behind you every step of the way.



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