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Hospital Packing List

I have my list together for all the things I need to pack for the big day. I would like to have my bag semi-ready by 30 weeks (it's the OCD organizer in me) so I will probably get on it soon. Some days I feel like my list is too long and others I feel like I am forgetting a ton. I thought I would post it here and let all of you recent mommas weigh in. I would love to hear what you think I could do without and what you think I am missing.

Labor Checklist:
• Bathrobe
• Slippers
• Nightgowns
• Socks
• Hair Bands
• Lip balm
• Hard candies
• Snacks for your birthing partner
• Change for vending machines
• Phone numbers for family & friends
• Magazine
• Paper and pencil
• Camera
• Baby book for recording baby's first footprint

Hospital Checklist:
• 2 nightgowns
• Sweats & Tees
• Pillow
• Cell Charger
• Brian Clothes
• Onesies
• Cotton underwear
• Maxi Pads
• Nursing Bra
• Nursing Pads
• Nursing Pillow
• Toiletries


Nickie 2:45 PM  

laptop so you can update the blog???? Is that asking too much?

I found some socks with rubber treads on them which would eliminate the need for separate slippers.

I also just used the hospital disposable underwear and their big pads until I went home. That way I didn't ruin my stuff in the first few days of bleeding.

It's unlikely your milk will come in while you're in the hospital, so don't stress too much over a lot of breast pads.

Be sure to take all the 'stuff' in the hospital room. I read somewhere that they can't leave it for the next person so any diapers, pads, nasal aspirator etc. that wasn't taken gets thrown out.

A&D ointment is your friend in the beginning. Slather those butts with it at diaper change time and it will help the uber-sticky meconium to slide off the bum.

Plant Girl 3:29 PM  

Personally, I wouldn't worry about taking cotton underwear or clothes to wear while in the hospital. Just bring something comfy to come home in. I liked the nursing gowns (hospital ones) b/c it was just so much easier to use when getting the hang of nursing. Plus you didn't have to worry if you got "gunk" on them. It was easier for nurses to check my incision too in the gowns and less to worry about rubbing on the site.

Granted, if you have a vag delivery you won't have to worry about your incision. But if you have stitches, they might want to check them periodically and it's much easier to do with a hospital gown on. I took my own bathrobe and slippers to wear. The bathrobe was nice to have during labor while walking the halls and to put on while guests came to visit (the whole two we had).

That's just my two cents though. I know that many women are more comfortable in their own clothes. I just found it easier to wear hospital gowns.

Anonymous 3:39 PM  

Camera, Camera Charger, Film (if needed), laptop, radio, PILLOWS.

I agree with all of the other posters to leave the pads and underwear up to the hospital. They're not too bad.

I would bring a nursing bra though, it will become your new best friend.

Anonymous 4:53 PM  

I see that you have snacks for Brian on there... I also took a six-pack of those squeezable Gatorades. My husband drank some but after laboring all day (and then a C-Section) I was so thirsty and it was actually one of the things they let me have (as long as I didn't guzzle it down).

I did bring my own nursing nightgown from home for the day that I got to take a shower. It was nice and made me more comfortable. Although the first couple of days it was extremely hot in my room and it was nice just to open the hospital gown and lay my daughter (in her diaper) on my chest. (Made it easier to nurse too.)

I second the fact about not worrying about bringing your own underware and pads. The hospital ones were actually kind of comfy.

I also agree about taking everything from your room when you leave - especially the baby tub! It definitely came in handy at home to give my daughter sponge baths while we were waiting for the cord to fall off. (I think we also ended up with almost a full package of diapers too!)

I can't believe how close you're getting! Your belly is so cute! :-)

Anonymous 7:55 PM  

Baby nail clippers! Or nail files....I was shocked at how long the nails were right after birth.

Michelle 9:47 PM  

Girl, you got it all under control!

Anonymous 10:52 AM  

Don't worry about nightgowns or baby outfits. It'll just be laundry you have to do when you get home. I'm a labor nurse and we love to see adoreable outfits, but don't make more work for yourself. Just pack 2 cute outifts for home (just in case:)). Wear the hospital gown and beautiful mesh's just so much easier and again, less laundry for you. Make sure you have a nursing bra for when you get home. Enjoy the freedom in the hospital because you should wear a bra 24 hours a day until you are no longer breastfeeding. Oh, and get some lansinoh cream. It is excellent for sore nipples. Last thing, socks work better than the little cute mittens for babies hands. The mittens won't stay on as well. Socks seem to work 10X's better. But, do what makes you comfortable.

Plant Girl 12:50 PM  

My hospital gave me USP grade lanolin and I liked it sooo much better than the lansinoh stuff. Just an FYI.

Kristen 4:57 PM  

Nickie - I think we probably will bring our laptop. :>) I can't go that long without blogging!

Thanks ladies!! I got so much out of your suggestions. I think the consensus is to skip the underwear, pads and extra cloths. I would hate to bring a bunch of crap I don't need.

Thanks again!!!!

Emilie 9:22 PM  

I would say don't take the i pod, but I am worried about theft all the time.
As I went into the hospital on Wednesday and had the baby on SUNDAY, I suggest you bring something to do if you are stuck in a holding patten for a while. I sent my mother home to get a box of beads for me. I HAD to do something with my hands while we were waiting. Everyone was looking at me like - DO SOMETHING! I also played a lot of cards.
But that was me....

WendyLou 12:23 AM  

I liked having my own jammies, but my hospital did not have nursing gowns.

They have nice ice pack pads at the hospital. Good if you have a vaginal or a c/s.

I second bringing things to pass the time. Dh went home to get things, and he brought back DVD's he wanted to watch, not ones I wanted to see. So I watched Hoodwinked the movie, not a movie I like, but one he sure did.

You might want the ipod if you are in labor for a while, I find mine helps me block out the world.

For me, I would skip the baby nail clippers. I just bite her nails. Every time I try clippers, I cut her.

I also had to leave my room alot because DD was in the NICU, so I apprieciated having clothing.

I had slippers which went on like flip flops, they were really nice.

My milk came in. The breast pads were great. Laninsoh makes the best disposable kinds.

Pillows. Your own from home are so nice.

Tabloids are nice too.



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