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Fun at the OB's office

I went to my OB appointment this afternoon (well I guess technically yesterday since it is 12am) and everything seemed fine. My weight gain was ok and blood pressure is still normal. We talked about my sugar and she wants me to up my insulin to 15 units at night. When she did the Doppler she was able to find Abby with very little problem. Her heartbeat was in the 140's. When she found Gracie her heartbeat was really high, in the 170's. She listened to her a couple times to see if it would go down and it didn't. So she decided to send me to the hospital for a NST to make sure everything was ok.

I drove over to the hospital and first they looked at the girls on u/s. They wanted to make sure fluid levels and everything looked fine, which they did. They also looked for movement, tone and practice breaths. Abby completed all quickly but Grace would not make her practice breaths. They hooked me up to the NST, which was quite a site with 3 sets of straps to try to hold the monitors in place. Abby passed the NST quickly but Grace did not want to stay under the monitor. Her heartrate was back down to normal but they couldn't pass me unless they saw certain trends. After 30 minutes (and 3 contractions!) they put me back on the ultrasound to check for those breaths. Fortunately she started panting and I officially "passed." They sent me home and I go back tomorrow for my scheduled u/s.

They did find two funny things with Grace on ultrasound. First they saw that she has her foot braced on my belly so she can scoot herself up or down. This explains why she is down low one minute and then up high in my lungs the next. The second funny thing was that she has really long hair already. The sonographer showed me her beautiful locks flowing in her fluid. It was so cute!


Lindsey Fescoe 8:37 AM  

I'm glad everything was ok!!

Plant Girl 9:51 AM  

We could see KT's hair floating in the fluid the one time too. Hopefully Gracie will be like Katie and not lose too much of it!

seattlegal 4:03 PM  

That's great that everything is o.k. And how cool to see hair floating in the fluid!

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria 9:38 PM  

Another peek at your little ones is always fun :). Glad to hear you passed, even if it took a little while. Keep those contrax at bay, and keep cookin' those beans!

BTW: we're very jealous that Gracie may very well be born with more hair than V has at 17 months!



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