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Day 10 in the NICU

THE TUBE IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! We got to the NICU today and found that Abby had gunk in her eye and looked as pathetic as ever. Brian and I were already super frustrated at not getting any good concrete time frames or answers. We had one of the nurses that we really like and she walked us through how Abby had done for the previous several hours. My Mom, Dad, Bry and I started to pass Abby around and the nurse left for a while. When she came back she told us that the weekend doc wanted to take the tube out. We were absolutely dumbfounded. The doc felt (and we have been in this school of thought for days) that the tube is letting her off too easy. She needs to feel hunger in order to know to suck and root for food. She also feels that the mucus and puking are from the tube. Because she is mucusy, she isn't feeling like eating. The nurse told us that she felt that removing the tube might be a bad idea but Brian spoke up and said we agreed with the doc. The nurse was really good about it and had a "conference" with the other nurses. One of the nurses had a baby in the NICU with similar problems as Abby. Her doc wanted to pull the tube against her wishes but said once the tube was out the baby thrived. So Barbara came back in and yanked the tube. I think all four of us teared up when that tube came out.

The doc came in later and explained her philosophy. She feels that babies do better at home (I AGREE!!!) and that she needs a challenge to eat. So now she is eating ad lib / on demand, which means she can eat what she wants, when she wants. As long as she gains weight and cues to eat she can come home on Tuesday!!!! We are so thrilled. She also has to have a 12 hour apnea test to make sure she is ok. She had some runs of bradacardia (sp?) and apnea which the doc thinks is b/c she pulls at her tube. That can look like a problem on the monitors. So now we are just waiting to see how the next couple of days goes.

Gracie is doing really well. She is such a good baby (well most of the time :>) ). She is eating great and nursing before each feeding. The milk isn't completely in so we are still supplementing with formula. She sleeps pretty well at night although she is pretty spunky in the morning. She has a spell each morning where she loves to scream and yell. She is very alert and is already paying attention to her surroundings. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and loves to just stare at you.

Brian is doing fantastic as a Daddy. I am not sure if I put in the birth story just how amazing he has been. The first day I couldn't leave my bed but he was down there every hour just being with the babies. Since then he has been in that NICU changing diaapers, bathing, feeding, taking temps, everything. He even weighs the diapers for the nurses. He is already the most amazing Daddy. I am so proud of all of us.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria 10:42 PM  

Apnea and Bradychardia spells are such a touchy thing. Like you mentioned, if she pulls one of her leads off, the monitors go off. And the 'test' isn't really a test, more just keeping an eye on the monitors, and on her. Like our neo told us... when the alarms go off, look at the baby, not the monitor!!!

Timetables are a touchy thing in the NICU. They don't want to give false hope. They were hesitant to tell us the night before V was discharged whether she would be going home. I'm glad to hear things seem to be moving in the right direction. She'll be home in no time!

Plant Girl 12:25 AM  

Glad to hear that the tube is out. I hope that Miss Abby starts gaining weight like crazy! 10 days seems like a long time to have her in the NICU but it means she's getting stronger and stronger with each day. Remember too, that even though she's in the NICU, she's here. That in itself is amazing! ((hugs))

Anonymous 12:53 PM  

It is great to hear that Abby will be coming home soon! I bet Gracie misses her too!

You guys have come a long way and have a lot to be proud of!



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