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7 Weeks Old!

I cannot believe that my little miracles are 7 weeks old today. Where in the heck has the time gone already. I thought I would try to give a thorough update on how things are going. The girls are up in their weights and growing well. Gracie is up to a whopping 8lb 2 oz and Abby is at 7lb 4oz. When I look at them now they look HUGE, although they are the size of most newborns. They are eating about every four hours and taking about 3 1/2 ounces at each feeding. Gracie has bad reflux so she is on soy formula and we have to thicken it with rice cereal. Abby is still on the preemie formula for now.

Both girls ROLLED OVER last week!!! Gracie was first. My Mom and I had the kids at the pool and my Mom had Gracie on her pool chair. Grace was reaching for my Mom's little fan and in the process of reaching rolled from her back to her belly. My Mom and I just stared at each other in disbelief. I thought it was a fluke until a couple days later when Abby was doing her exercise time (see below) and I had her on her belly. She got her arm good and tucked under herself and started pushing with her legs. I happened to have the video camera nearby so I started taping. It took her about 2 minutes but she rolled from her tummy to her back and I got it on tape!!

Each day they girls have two rounds of play time and exercise time. I know it makes me sound like a wierd neurotic mother but it must be the psychologist in me that wants to encourage good development. Play time consists of both girls in their crib unswaddled with the mobile on. They like to kick their legs and bat their arms. It usually lasts about 20-30 minutes before someone is screaming. Then we do about 20 min of exercise time. That includes tummy time flat and tummy time in the boppy, lifting their upper body with their arms, bicycle kicks and sitting in the boppy. That way we work all the muscle systems. Especially since the girls were so little and they have so much catching up to do it is so important to work all their little systems early on.

Sleeping has bee tough in the Fescoe household lately. Abby has decided that sleeping is not for her, at least not at night. Gracie has such bad reflux that until today (when the thickened formula finally started working a little) she would scream straight from 9pm until about 2am at which point she would basically pass out. Abby doesn't scream but she doesn't want to be put down either. She is harder to get to sleep and she'll fall asleep in your arms but wake up once she is put down. The girls usually wake to eat at 4am and then 8am. They usually go back to sleep in the morning until about 11ish.

Tonight I decided this schedule was for the birds so I am in the middle of trying something different. I put the girls in their crib all nice and swaddled at 10pm. I turned on the fan for white noise (thanks for the suggestion M!) and put them down awake. I thought for sure it would be a huge battle but I was pleasantly surprised. They both started to FALL ASLEEP on their own. It is almost 11 and we have only had minor fussing. Gracie keeps losing her pacie and carrying on but I replace it and walk away. I haven't had to pick anyone up yet. I am hoping that maybe when they get up to eat at 12 they will go right back down. I guess we shall see...

All in all I am doing pretty well with motherhood. Being a Mommy to twins is so hard. It feels like when one isn't crying the other is. Most nights I cry along with them from sheer exhaustion. As soon as someone is settled, the other one starts. The house is a mess (and I used to be a neat freak), I am always late, the laundry is always behind, I rarely eat more than one meal a day and I look like crap. I guess vanity is not for twin mommies. ;>) I love my girls so much and I cry on a daily basis for how unbelievably lucky we are. We are lucky to have these girls. We are lucky that they are healthy. We are lucky for all the love and support we get from our family and friends. We are just very lucky.


Jessica 7:54 AM  

Good idea with the white noise.

When D was in special care, they had sound machines with white noise going near each of the cribs and incubators. I still to this day use a sound machine with him. It seems to put him to sleep faster, and it also keeps the noise out of his room (dang barking dogs!)

Glad you got the reflux under control. That can be hard on little ones. But, they're both gaining weight, so that's a good sign!

Hope the sleep schedules get on the right path. Hang in there!

Plant Girl 3:44 PM  

I had to laugh about how Gracie being 8lb2oz now makes her look "big". Can you imagine how huge Katie looked at 8lb10oz when she was born?? LOL

I'm glad that the cereal is finally helping Gracie. It's a hard spot to be in...trying to wait out the cereal or deciding whether to ask (and push) for some meds. You know that I'm not one to medicate quickly, but with reflux I'd be nervous about acid damange.

Hopefully you got some sleep last night and I'm glad that the fan worked. Katie always slept better swaddled and she has noise when she first goes to sleep too. I'll have to burn some copies of my CD's and send them to you. Little by little, those girls will start to get on track. I know however, how frustrating it is right now when they're not.

Keep doing what you're doing. You're doing a fantastic job mama! And don't worry about housework, showers, etc. Katie's almost 9 months old and I can't tell you the last time my hair was actually blown out and "done". Many days I'm in my jammies until well in the afternoon. Enjoy those girls! They grow so fast and a dirty house can wait!

Love ya. Hugs to all.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria 7:22 AM  

I second the use of white noise. At a year and a half, we still put V to sleep with a fan. I've heard a fair share of criticism about it, but IMO, it's a lot easier to recreate a white noise environment somewhere than it is to make it totally silent if that's what they're used to. I kept V swaddled to some extent until well past 6 months. It made all the difference in the world.

Re: twins being a lot of work. As my brother (daddy to 9mo twins) put it, "having twins is way more than twice the work!" (((hugs)))



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