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I finally found a free moment (which rarely happens) to post. I am at my Mom's so I get extra help here. The girls have been very cranky and very unsleepy lately. Whoever said it gets easier at 6 weeks LIED! I guess we have hit a 6 week growth spurt because last night was pure hell for the three of us. Gracie screamed from 8pm until about 2am. She screamed periodically throughout the night. Abby screamed from 8pm until 1am and she started up again first thing this morning. I am forgetting what it is like to sleep or shower. This parenthood thing is a lot harder than I thought!


Plant Girl 6:41 PM  

I'm sorry that the girls are so "screamy" lately. It's so difficult to deal with. Being sleep deprived probably only makes it worse. I know that my patience is even thinner when I'm tired.

Is there anything that helps to quiet them down? Putting their bouncy chair on top of the dryer, turning the vacuum or hair dryer on, standing in the bathroom with the exhaust fan going? Sometimes white noise like that will help to calm them.


Emilie 11:57 PM  

they do get screamy. I was always told that at 12 weeks adjusted they would settle into a great pattern. I thought people said that so you wouldn't kill 'em before you got attached to them, but it really worked out that way for me.
IF they seem to scream just out of the blue, and for no reason, it could be reflux. It was with our girl. Zantac turned her into a totally different child. Also, baby chalks helped - you know, the little wedges that keep the baby up on their side a little? There is a reflex that wakes the little buggers up from a dead sleep if they fall onto their backs. Baby chalks good.
Tough if out, my dear, it gets better. (or at least you get used to it).

Michelle 7:31 AM  

Yeah, I'm not sure it gets better, I think you just get used to it. It's weird. Even at 17 months we have screaming nights - in a row. Molars are great!

Reflux is a good point. Also, I'm such a huge believer in mylicon (sp) for gas. It worked wonders for Ava. We could tell if it was gas b/c not only was she screaming, but she would get all stiff and squirmy - poor baby.

Get all the help you can from family - trust me, they want to help, they just don't always know how to. Don't be afraid to tell them!!!



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