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One of those days

It was both a very nice and a very taxing day rolled up into one messy little package. I will start with the good. My cousin Ash, who is more like my sister than my cousin, came for a visit today. Seeing her is always so refreshing and wonderful. She is such a nice person that it is wonderful to be around her. She gets her kind soul from my Aunt who I also love more like a Mom than an aunt.

And now for the shitty parts of the day. We started the day early so I could clean, get dressed, feed the girls and get ready to meet our new physical therapist. My Mom came all the way over at 9:30 to help with Gracie so I could pay attention to Abby and the therapist. Well, the woman never showed and didn't call either. Needless to say I was pissed and frustrated. I called our case worker to find out why and she is on vacation until next week. I am pissed b/c they told us to cut off our PT services that we were paying for so we could do EI and now the kid is getting NOTHING.

Tonight we went to Genna's choral concert at her school. The concert was wonderful but afterwards a couple kids made comments about Abby's eyes and her looking "funny." I really wanted to deck the kids, I know this is mean but I honsetly wanted to punch the kid and the parents for not telling their little brat kids to shut there traps. Then when we got to my Moms after and were eating dinner she told me that her hick neighbor asked today if Abby was retarded. I had to turn away so that no one could see my tears. I mean what the hell is wrong with people? Who asks such a question? Why in the hell does everyone feel the need to comment on my child? I know that no one has any idea how hard this has been and how hard I have had to fight for this kid but come the hell on. Just know when to shut your fricking mouth. It is just so friggin hard to be a good Mom and meet the needs of my kid while I have people sneering on a daily basis about what might be wrong with her. I am so sick and tired of putting up with other people shit. I have dealt with it from strangers, family members, neighbors, etc. People act as if I am some stupid twit who knows nothing and is blind to my kids problems. Have I ever once not been forthcoming about what we are dealing with. I think it is obvious by the 6 million doctors appointments that I torture this kid with that I am on the ball about it. I am trained in psychology after all. I guess my masters degree doesn't make me any more knowledgeable than the hick next door.

Sorry for the rant, thank God for blogs. Man it has been a long day.


Jay 4:03 PM  

You are doing a WONDERFUL job as mom to these beautiful girls. Sometimes people are just STUPID and open their mouths before they think. Bless you all, and hope tomorrow is a better day. :)



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