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Excuse my hiatus

It isn't that I;m a bad blogger so much as an exhausted mother. Here is what is keeping me from blogging lately:

- Bry is working a schedule of 4 ten hour days and 3 off. It sounds like a great idea but with his commute mixed in it has been borderline hellish. We'll see how it goes.

- The girls both have terrible cradle cap. I tried someone's suggestion of rubbing baby oil into their scalp before bath-time. Yeah, DON'T TRY THIS! They are both a couple of greasy monkeys now. They are getting two baths a day and their hair is still disgusting.

- Abby is completely bucking her PT regimen.

- We got pre-approved for a home loan so we may be buying a house this winter. Scares the hell out of me to even think about packing and moving.

- We're trying to think about when would be a good time to do a FET. Life is crazy but we don't want to be in our 40's and still having kids. We're both anxious to have more kids but trying to figure out the timing of infertility treatment can be a chore.

- My work is sucky.

- Last but not least, I'm tired. Not so much tired as exhausted.


Anonymous 12:34 PM  

What I like about your blog is your "keep truckin" attitude. I read a handful of mommy blog regularly and yours is by the far the one with the most go get-em attitude. You may complain or vent but you don't whine or feel sorry for yourself (at least if you do that is not conveyed in your posts). It's refreshing. The rest of them are interesting for assorted reasons but really there's just so much whining out there in blogger land. I'm always shocked to read so many women who struggle with fertility and finally have a baby only to seemingly feel very sorry for themselves for all the hard work it turns out to be. We all have weak moments and perhaps they use their blogs to work out their weaknesses, but it is disheartening.

Kristen 12:45 PM  

Anon - You rock!!! Go me... lol. :D

sara 6:35 AM  

My twins both had terrible cradle cap and our pediatrician told us to use a little Selsun Blue on their heads like lotion (they'll be blue :)) about 10 minutes before their bathtime. Then (being very careful not to get any in their eyes) rinse it off in the tub and then wash with their regular shampoo. We added to that routine scrubbing their heads (with the shampoo on) with a surgical brush that we got from the hospital when they were born (but any nail brush would probably work... you want something soft that won't scratch their little heads). It doesn't work overnight, but after a couple of weeks we noticed a measurable difference. Also, if it seems like it's itchy to them, you can rub a little hydrocortisone cream into it. Poor little Alex would scratch so hard his head would bleed. Anyway, that's what worked for us so I thought I'd share. :)



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Both of our girls struggle with some disabilities but that won't keep us down. Each day has it's own brand of insanity but we love it. Most days I am more monkey wrangler than mother but I do the best I can. Todays goal - getting to tomorrow.

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