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Girls Updates

I have been meaning to update for a week now and haven't had a chance to sit down and do it. So here goes.

Gracie - We are starting to get a little concerned as Gracie is still not speaking much at all. We don't have an autism fear since she signs, points, makes good eye contact, interacts, plays and follows two step commands. She had her hearing checked and does follow commands so hearing doesn't seem like a likely culprit. So that being said we have no idea why she doesn't talk. Our physical therapist for Abby recommended maybe having a speech assessment for Gracie. I know it probably sounds whiny but I hate the idea that we need therapy for both girls. It is hard enough juggling one round of therapy. That being said I obviously will do WHATEVER she needs. So looks like speech therapy for my little Gigi. Her other skills are insanely good. She climbs, she jumps, she runs, she tumbles. The kid thinks she is about 5 and not one and a half. ;D

Abby - At 18 months, my little peanut stood up on her own. We have been very satisfied with her progress lately. She uses her walker, she pulls up on furniture and she is getting stronger in her legs. Then out of nowhere she just stands up and stays there for a good second or two. One of her favorite places to hang out is standing with her butt against the sofa so she can stand without falling down. Looks like all her PT is REALLY paying off. Now she is able to take a couple steps from one person to another. It looks a lot like falling forward put I'm calling it progress. :D We still have a lot of PT ahead but she is kicking PT's a$$.



Plant Girl 2:11 AM  

That's awesome about Abby standing!! It brings tears to my eyes to hear that she's doing so well.

I know how hard it is to NOT worry about what your kids should be doing. But I think that sometimes it helps to just go ahead with an evaluation. It doesn't commit you to therapy, but it might help put your mind at ease. A therapist might say that Gracie is okay for her age. And come on, do you really want her screaming at you coherently? ;)

Give the girls a big hug from Aunt M and give the little stinky Rex a shove for me.

Anonymous 7:24 AM  

I have a friend who's daughter didn't walk till she was three. Kids have their own schedule, period. And your girls look like they are both thriving on their own schedule.

A request: Can you talk about their talking? My twins are the same age as yours and I am trying to figure out just how many words they "should" be saying, etc. I know it is wrong to compare but i am worried that they aren't speaking in like five word sentences.

Anonymous 7:59 AM  

By the way, I have heard the school of thought that says that children advance in areas separately. Meaning, if their physical dev. is taking the front seat, then language dev. takes a back seat. Jumping (especially if both feel are lifted at the same time) is HUGE. And very advanced.

Kristen 8:57 AM  

Anon - One of the reasons I believe Gracie is so behind is BECAUSE (like you said) she is more interested in her motor skills than talking. As long as she can communicate what she wants she is happy.

Right now Abby can say just about anything. She says all the basic stuff (mommy, daddy, gracie, the rest of the names of everyone in the family, up, down, snack, want daddy, go by-bye, and on and on and on). Gracie has just begun to say Momma and Dada in the past couple of days. Gracie is definitely not way behind just a little behind for her age. Hope that helps!



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