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The company you keep

I have always enjoyed the idea that it is a wise man who surrounds himself with people more intelligent and experienced than himself and let them help guide you. I believe this is a good philosophy in politics, your career and life in general.

So when a man like Timothy Geithner is chosen to help lead our country out of economic perils I have to start wondering. Who is our new president surrounding himself with. This dude (Mr. Geithner) better be one heck of a financial whiz kid to make overlooking tax evasion worth it.

For those of you who don't know WATCH THE NEWS... lol... just kidding.

Here is the story from MSNBC and The NY Times


Anonymous 1:46 AM  

Well I can't speak specifically to this fellow, but I will say that my folks, who are incredibly reliable, honest, and forthright, did not pay a certain amount of taxes for a few years due to a mistake by their accountant. It was all fixed and the accountant paid the extra fees for his mistake, but it was stressful for them. Yea yea, they could have reviewed their statements better...but isn't that WHY you hire an accountant? So, shit happens.

Anonymous 7:20 AM  

So yeah, I want my politicians to be PERFECT. No traffic violations, no tax evasions, and they better not cheat on their husbands or wives. But alas we are all only human and mistakes do happen and lapses of judgment do indeed make mistakes that last for a long time.

I am not sure that an oversight (intentional or otherwise) in taxes makes him not quilaified for this position. If it were intentional, then yes, it does bring to the forefront his moral character, etc. And I don't not mean that glibly. That said,it still doesn't make him unqualified for this position.

I to have my taxes done professionally. And I don't go over them with a fine tooth comb. maybe I should! A good friend of ours had her taxes done by an accountant who did so much faking and mistakes that he served time in jail. But the people who's taxes he effed up just had to pay penalties.

If someone did your taxes and a mistake was made (a big one) and you didn't catch it, do you think you should be punished for it, other than paying fines? Like, for example, it could prevent you from getting a job. Would that be fair?

The vote was 60-34, so that means 60 of these elected politicians (who we vote for) overlook this gaffe. 34 were troubled by it. Which side am I on? I am looking past it, because days like yesterday, when 74,000 jobs were lost, can't continue to happen so let's get on with it already. There are enough checks and balances to keep Timothy Geithner in line, I feel. Will Timothy Geithner fix us? I kinda doubt out, but I am so ready for some good economic news.

And if we are questioning the company Obama keeps, then I am MUCH more disturbed by his choosing a man who equates homosexuality with incest to deliver a prayer. How do you feel about that? Do you think that adds a black mark to his character as well? tone here is just inquisitive, not mean or obnoxious. But I do wonder your thoughts on that!

It's gonna be a one day indoors again....

Anonymous 11:20 AM  

just wanted to add, this new format is the PERFECT balance of hot topics for lack of a better word) and little girl cuteness! Just when I am all wrapped up in There Is No Fair Media, there is a picture of a smiling baby to remind me what is also very important in our lives. And why we are all talking about things like this anyway.

Kristen 1:19 PM  

Anon - THANK YOU for what you said about having a balanced blog. I have been struggling with whether this format is working. I am personally having a great time both showing off my cute kids while also getting to THINK like an adult. :D

Ok, back to the issue. Here is my feeling on this. Maybe the guy had an accountant doing his taxes. Maybe he was somehow unaware that he owed a big chunk of change for taxes. What I'm saying is that it doesn't give me this huge sense of confidence or relief that he is the person to fix our economic problems. I realize his tax problems don't make him by definition unqualified but doesn't it make you a little nervous? Maybe it's just me but our economic system is crumbling and IMO we need a financial genius to dig us out. I'm just not sure this is the guy. I hope I'm eating my words while cashing a big rebate check at the bank but I am not holding my breath.



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