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Look at all these cupholders

Am I the only who feels like when it comes to political issues the media has this way of throwing in these stupid piddly little details (like the clothes the president and family wear, Obama's adorable little daughter taking pictures of the white house or what kind of dog they are getting) as a way of somehow placating the women of the country. It's like going to buy a car and the salesman tells your husband all about the horsepower, torque and acceleration time while he shows you the cupholders and lighted mirrors. Are we still so archaic that people care about the clothes they wear or the dog they walk? Maybe I am alone in feeling like they are doing it to throw WOMEN a bone. Maybe they're trying to throw stupid people who know nothing about politics a bone.

For me, I would like to see less of the puff pieces and more of the information about issues that effect women in their daily lives. Talk to me about educating and parenting my kids, help for my finances and getting me equal pay. Don't get me wrong here, this isn't an issue I take with the president... it's the darn media. But that's another story for another day.


Anonymous 11:01 AM  

I guess the only solution, sadly, is to avoid mainstream media, with its partisan politics and its shallow coverage of plain crap. Avoid the Times or the Star ledger or Newsweek. Turn off the news.

But it is hard to avoid the mainstream. I watch the Today show, with its ridiculous repitition and its segments targeted to women, like Green Cleaning and crap like that. Stories about recycling last season's clothes in this tough economy. Really??!! Or I am sorry that a model in brazil died...but was that the biggest story of that day??

Squawk Box on MSNBC is great for no nonsense economic and business news. I find that European papers give a semi unbiased view of politics. While they may have economic reasons to take certain sides, for the most part they just report. And then at night there's always the political pundit shows. BOTH sides are interesting to watch!

Sorry this is is pre nap-time-end-of- the-rope-ness here.

Kristen 1:08 PM  

Anon - You're right. I guess I kind of want it both ways. I want to be able to turn on regular TV and radio and not be inundated but I think we both know that isn't going to happen anytime soon. So for now I'll have to feel like gagging anytime I watch the morning news.

MrsSpock 10:07 PM  

Reminds me of my friend who was ready to write the check for a down-payment on a new car, when the salesman said,"And doesn't the color match your hair?"

She went into his boss' office and told him why they just lost a sale.

I'm a big fan of NPR myself.



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