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A new President

So it seems the change of power has occurred. I'm not really sure what the next few years holds for our country but I pray that President Obama can make good on what he believes needs to happen and can lead this country towards better times.


Anonymous 3:58 PM  

Is it me, or do you seem a tad not thrilled here?! A lot of people I know have been quite emotional today, in a good way. What are you, a monster? Just KIDDING!

I support Obama and am a pretty liberal democrat (but fiscally republican). But I am a wee tired of all the hype. I just want to get on with it all already and I am really ready to see a lot of change. Do I think it will happen? Well, no more so than did under reagan or clint or bush or bush or... I could go on. Color me jaded. BUT this moment was huge. For us and those older than us, tis is the nation's first black (or half black) president. But to our kids...he is just the president. Now that is change.

Michelle 4:47 PM  

I 2nd you, Anonymous!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to see what the future holds. I'm so inspired and so relieved. I'm thrilled for my children. Sigh, just so exciting!

Kristen 6:06 PM  

I'm not a monster... I promise. :D Just a political skeptic. And as an aunt who is helping raise two bi-racial children I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to point to Barack Obama and say "see if he can be president, you can be ANYTHING". That is amazing. I may not agree with all of his politics but I pray he can induce some of the positive changes he talks about.

Anonymous 6:49 PM  

"I pray he can induce some of the positive changes he talks about." So this means that you agree with at least SOME of the things he wants to change, no?

Who was it that said a government that can give us everything we want can also take away everything we have. This, I feel, will be an era of compromise. We all are gonna have to give a little I guess.

What irks me are the people who are being so rude about Bush. All the facebook updates and pithy little comments. Can't we all just focus on the positive for a change? More of a "Yay Obama" instead of "Bye Bush you jerk". I am not a Bush fan, but I would never ever be obnoxious about him like that.

The Mexico City policy is on the front burner. I wonder what your thoughts are for that.

Kristen 8:20 PM  

I think in politics being able to compromise is key. Despite sounding very conservative I have many liberal views (trust me, you'll see as time goes on) as well. I think our checks and balances system is necessary in some respects but hand-tying in others. Not sure if any one person is capable of instituting as much change as president Obama would like to because the system is not set up for sweeping changes. I guess we will all see.

As far as the Mexico City Policy (I had to look that one up b/c I have always heard it called the "Global Gag Order") I am a supporter of this. Because the policy takes into consideration pregnancies that occur as a result of rape, incest or threat of death to the mother I believe it is within our governments right to withhold funds for performing abortions.

One of the issues I find with Obamas plans for stem cell research and abortion are based in part because my tax dollars shouldn't pay for these things (in my opinion). If foreign governments want our money than it is within our rights as the lending nation that strings be attached.

All that being said this is a policy that has been turned and overturned since the Reagan era. So no shock that it will be changed yet again.



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