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The Octuplets

By now I think everyone in this country has heard a ton about the Octo-Mom or whatever the heck they are calling her. (Sounds more like a super hero than the nut job she is, but whatever.) Today as I was doing some cooking I got to thinking. I think what annoys me at this point is that all you are hearing about is this crazy woman. What about her babies? How are they doing? I missed the Dr. Phil that was on yesterday so maybe they talked about it but all you hear about is her.

I watched the Dateline interview and sat there thinking to myself how she did not look like a mother who had 8 micro-preemies in the NICU. When I had two babies in the NICU I was a basket-case. I wouldn't have talked about or thought about anything but how they were. Had that been me I wouldn't have been able to sit there all composed giving anyone the time of day defending myself (and obviously I would never transfer that many embryos, that is ridiculous). So it just shows me how insane this woman is. It just makes me sad. There are women out there who would do anything for one baby. They would shower that baby with all of their love and affection. And this woman gets 14 and seems to care about nothing but herself. It makes me sad.


Christina 7:11 PM  

I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous 11:16 PM  

I know how people say that "everyone" handles stress differently, but you have to assume that there are some universals. I too was thinking how freakin composed and defensive she is for a woman with 8 sick babies and 6 more at home. If my kid bonks her head too hard and cries a little because of it, I am troubled.

And sidenote, I hate that she and some of the media keep referring to these babies as "healthy." They are not healthy, they are doing decent enough for their conditions. I would also like some coverage of the long term health risks associated with these incredulous multiple births. It's not all John & Kate + 8--these babies all have elevated chances for having cerebral palsy amongst other very serious and life affecting ailments. A little realistic coverage would be nice.

Michelle 8:23 AM  

I'm also annoyed that the babies are being called healthy...clearly they are not. They have many struggles ahead of them.

I'm also annoyed that it is now going to be everyone else's responsibility to dig this Mom out of the mess she has created because no one wants to see these babies suffer anymore.

Kristen 9:22 AM  

You guys totally hit the nail on the head for me. Calling these babies healthy disgusts me. The lifelong problems that these children will likely have is being brushed under the table. I did notice that in the Dateline episode at the end they did give a side bar about likely CP and long term problems. It just hurts my heart that these babies and their 6 siblings need a strong, together parent (preferably two) and look what they got. Disgusting...

kewd 12:54 AM  

She didn't talk about them on Dr Phil either. She turns my stomach. I feel so horrible for those babies. And I hope the RE involved gets called before the board for this crap. He should lose his license.



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