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Migraines Suck!

For any of your who, like me, suffers from migraines you understand the depths to which they suck. I never had a migraine in my life until well past puberty and they then hit me like a ton of bricks. Sometimes I wake up with one. Sometimes I get that weird wiggly line in my line of sight and I know it's coming. Sometimes they creep up. I think I have pretty much narrowed down the culprits for my migraines; certain foods (sausage, hot dogs, wine, certain beans, certain preservatives, and a few others) which I now avoid, stress (yeah, who the heck can avoid that) and hormones (again, not sure how to avoid that one).

For me having a migraine is like having my head stuck in a vice grip while someone punches me in the stomach until I puke. I can't stand light or noise or vibrations (like the car). They always seem to happen when I am by myself, with the girls with no extra help. Today was no exception. I woke up with a headache and had a bad feeling. By mid morning, while running errands, the waves of nausea began and I knew I was in big trouble. Fortunately I was able to sleep while the girls napped and woke up with a much smaller migraine that before.

The thing that so many people don't understand about migraines is they are about a hundred times worse than a headache and no medicine really works. You can take preventatives but my doc doesn't think mine are recurrent enough to warrant the side effects. Sometimes caffeine helps but usually my treatment is sleep or puking. I know, fun, right?

So, I know that was a bit of a bitch session and I gave up complaining for lent. Oops...


Tiaras & Tantrums 8:45 PM  

I know how you feel hon! I was home sick with one today. The only good thing (if there is a good thing) is that since it was a day that Emma usually goes to daycare since I usually coach on Thursdays, Bill took her to daycare so I could sleep it off. Thank god for drugs. People who have never had a migraine have NO idea what we go through.

Jay 10:26 PM  

I suffer from them too, they suck! I find I can only sleep them off. Your right, people who haven't had them, have NO CLUE!

Lindsey Fescoe 8:34 AM  

Migraines suck REALLY bad! I didn't start getting them until I was in college and I think stress is the #1 thing that triggers mine. Sorry to hear that you suffer too :/

Unknown 9:21 PM  

we must have some cosmic connection...i also had a migraine last night for about 6-7 hours :-( hope you're feeling better!!!



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