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Brian's confirmation

I am not sure if I posted much about this but for the past 9 months Brian has been taking classes (every Tuesday) at our church to convert to catholicism. He has always been Christian but decided about a year ago that he would like to become officially catholic and raise our children that way. I grew up catholic, going to catholic school until I was 9 (when we moved and couldn't get into the local church school... waiting list and all). I have always felt very at home in this faith and secretly hoped maybe someday my husband would be okay with going to our church. I never pushed or even asked. He needed to do it on his own.

Before we had the girls we were not regular attendees at church, but had a church we called "home". Once we had the girls we knew it was time to get our butts in church and raise our kids as we had been raised. It was at that point that Brian decided to make the leap and become catholic. I think it started more about how to raise our kids. Having two parents the same religion is the way we both wanted it even if we didn't say it out loud.

So for a couple hours every week for almost the past year Brian has been attending classes and making his steps towards conversion. What started as something that he did for his kids has become something amazing for our whole family. I won't drone on and on but as a family (extended too) we are stronger than we've ever been.

Tomorrow Brian makes his sacraments of first communion and confirmation. He officially becomes catholic. I know to many it might not seem like a huge deal. For him it has been a long road of hard work, deep soul searching and self-discovery. I am very proud of what he has done for himself, for his children and for his family. Congratulations, my dear, for making it through and standing by what you believe in.


The Mommy Salami 11:02 PM  

I did the same thing last year. Morgan and I were baptized together at Easter Vigil. I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow night. Its quite a ceremony!

Plant Girl 12:48 AM  

Congrats to Bry. What an awesome weekend to go through the communion and confirmation!

Jennifer 7:47 AM  

Wow. That is awesome. And the crazy thing is we were talking about this in our household JUST this morning! I to want to raise my girls in faith but I was not raised with religion at all, and neither was my partner. So we are at a loss. And I was saying how it seems unfair that people need to jump through so many hoops in order to be deemed catholic or mormon or jewish or whatever. But your post made me think that that journey off hoops may actually be beneficial in some way. Soul searching and all is always a good thing!

Christina 11:33 AM  

That's really awesome, Congratulations to him! You are wonderful parents, and its great your children will have the church know what Im going through right now. ;)
Happy Easter to you and your family, give your beautiful babies a kiss for me! Love ya!

Kristen 10:12 PM  

Jennifer - The hoops are undoubtedly worthwhile in the end. Belonging to our church has been such a great gift for us. Knowing that you have a family in your church is a wonderful feeling.

Unknown 11:23 AM  

How funny...Shane was confirmed and received first Communion on Saturday too, for the same reasons. It has been a wonderful journey for us as well, and has really strengthened our faith as a family and each of our own person faith's. Congrats to Brian!

Kristen 10:02 PM  

Brig - Congrats to Shane too!



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