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Crappy Speech Therapy Session #2

Today was Gracie's second speech therapy session with our new therapist Miss Rachel. From the outset our rapport wasn't a whole lot better. I intentionally rolled my eyes when she asked me to wipe all the toys the girls put in their mouths. She got the hint and just said she would wash all the toys. A small victory for me. It doesn't sound like much but two 2-year-olds who are cutting teeth put EVERYTHING in their mouth. Envision me spending an entire hour following them around and wiping their toys. So not gonna happen.

The session went okay. Rachel is not exactly my cup of tea (pushy, loud, obnoxious) but I was patient. At the end of the session she handed both girls pens to "color" in the middle of the living room. I allowed it since both girls quickly set in to drawing on their paper. When Abby put the pen in her mouth (um hello, 22 months old, corrected age of about 18 months and cutting teeth... imagine her putting something in her mouth) Rachel told her not to. Ok, I told myself, be patient. When Abby did it again Rachel says to her "if you put the pen into your mouth again I am going to have to take it away". I know she is a speech therapist but sounded to me like she *might* have been talking a little over Abby's head. When she put the pen in her mouth a minute later (surprise, surprise) she took the pen and said "you will have to get used to when Miss Rachel says no it means no". I was flabbergasted. Remember, she is reprimanding ABBY not Gracie who she is there to work with.

Not feeling like myself lately I quietly huffed, rolled my eyes and ended the session as quickly as possible. A month ago or a month from now, when I am not exhausted from moving, therapy, work, etc. I will probably have it out with the woman. Today I chose to be patient and see what happens during our next session. We have a week off so hopefully by the time we are moved in and slightly unpacked I will be more like myself. Honestly, I was a little afraid that if I opened my mouth today what came out would not be easily taken back.

I am trying to be patient so as not to piss of the people at EI who we really do love and appreciate. I also hate the thought of having to go back on the waiting list and have Gracie miss more time. All in all Gracie did well. She did some new signs and tried to say More and Hi. I am very proud of how well she sits and pays attention.

On another EI note we have been matched with an occupational therapist for Abby. We will meet her next Thursday. So we will be in full swing of PT, OT and ST. Next week we also go to CHOP for Abby's ophthalmologist/eye surgeon for a follow up. Then in Saturday we have her high res MRI. She has to be sedated for that one.


Plant Girl 11:04 PM  

I'm proud of you for not going off on Miss Rachel. Hopefully the next sessions will improve.

Goodluck getting through the next few weeks. Hopefully your stress load lightens after you get moved and settled in.


Anonymous 12:44 AM  

That sucks. I say ditch this chick--she's playing games. You don't give someone else's kid an inappropriate item to play with then reprimand them when they play inappropriately with it. That is someone who needs to show dominance...over toddlers?? Please. Maybe you could get a book or something and take over until they can match you with another therapist--I mean, you're there the entire session anyways, it's not like you're off getting stuff done, and you are very intelligent and capable person. What this woman's doing isn't rocket science. I'd be so pissed if someone tried that crap with my kid--only close family and friends get to mess with my kid's head like that!
~Anon C

Michelle 8:08 AM  

"With all due respect, please leave the parenting to me, their mother. It's a parenting style thing."

Simple. Direct. Not too offensive. ;-)

tim 9:52 AM  

Now I feel stupid for telling Abby it is good to eat pens...

I agree that you should switch therapists. You're not going to magically like this girl's style later, so why wait around until you inevitably go off on her? A month or so to wait for a new one really isn't significant at all. When Gracie is 12 and won't shut up, you probably won't be thinking "darn, I really wish I got her to speech therapy a month earlier!"

If you do want to stick with Rachel, I suggest you talk to her calmly about your concerns at the beginning of the next session, instead of waiting until you get worked up and attacking her with a squeaky rubber hammer(that hasn't been wiped clean)

Anonymous 6:27 PM  

Get a new therapist!! She's not going to change so why waste your time and Gracie's.


Kristen 11:38 PM  

Lol... all of you guys had me cracking up! :D I think once we've moved (this week!) it's time to have a talk with our service coordinator about a better match for us.

Christina 8:26 PM  

Miss Rachel is a Beeoootch!!!!! Seriously, WTF? Tell her to piss off. She can go make someone else feel like shit. I can see in now, in a few weeks someone else will be blogging about her and her being such an idiot around 2 year olds.
Love ya! ;))



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