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Abby's second MRI is over. We arrived at 8:15 yesterday morning and went immediately to the sedation unit. The nurses and doctors were very nice. They explained everything thoroughly and were all very patient as Abby kicked, screamed, hit and cried when they came near. Once we were put in a room and took off her coat, she immediately started crying and yelling "all done" and "go, bye-bye". They gave her oral versed (sp?) to calm her down and it worked briefly. For about half an hour she acted like a silly little drunk. It was kinda funny really. Once that started to wear off she was back to pretty cranky.

When they finally came in to do the IV she was pissed. It took two nurses to hold her down. They commented about 5 times how strong she was for someone her size. We joked about how all the PT has toughened her up for situations like these. They got the line in and started the sedatives. She fought like a champ. After having more Versed, Barbitol (sp again?) and one other sedative she was still trying to sit up with two nurses holding her. Honestly it was tough to watch. She was so confused and mad and there was nothing I could do or say to help her.

They took her away and we (Brian, my Dad and I) went for a cup of coffee. We came back an hour later and no Abby yet. It turned out the needed to do contrast dye to look at a few of her functions so it took a little longer. When the nurse brought her back she had her wrapped in these huge blankets and we couldn't see her. She was hysterical. The nurse scared us a little and told us immediately not to talk or make noise. She said that she woke too early and if she woke all the way up she could have "psychotic like symptoms". Ok, what Mom wants to hear that her two year old might have symptoms that bad. :( Brian and I stood helplessly as the nurse rocked her back to sleep. The only thing I could do was put her blankie next to her face the way she likes. It sucked to be in that position.

Fortunately she went back to the deep sleep for an hour and a half and woke up more coherent. She was ready to go once she got up. She tried to pull her IV out herself. Once she was up she ate (the box of animal crackers Poppa brought for her :D) and drank juice so she was ready. They pulled her IV and we left.

The remainder of the day she was tired, crabby and very wobbly. Even hours later she still couldn't walk without toppling immediately. We're hoping a decent nights sleep will get her back on track.

We'll be calling on Monday to see what results they have.


Christina 3:14 PM  

It kills me to read you guys are going through this. Give her a kiss for me. Thoughts and prayers with you!!! xoxo



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