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Taxing Pot for Tax Money...Really???

I will start off by saying that I have never found myself sitting firmly on either side of the legalizing pot controversy. I see some plusses and I see as many minuses. Therefore it is a battle I never really find myself a part of (someone who is wishy washy on an issue makes a lousy arguer). I got to reading this article on MSN last night and it got me thinking a little more about the issue. HERE is the article.

What it entails (very briefly) is that by legalizing and consequently taxing marijuana millions of revenue could be generated to fill the voids of the growing tax burdens. I guess in theory it is an interesting proposal. In an idealistic world it sounds like a great fix. But I'm not sure if in actuality it would do what people think it would do. My first thought is at the turtles pace our government decides at there is about a snowballs chance in hell of something like this happening in a reasonable timeframe to alleviate tax burdens anytime soon. I'm guessing the fact that one side of the debate would be argued by pot users... not necessarily the mentally quick type of people. :D

Just wanted to throw it out there to see what others think. I am sure I missing about 75% of the issues on this topic so feel free to enlighten me. :D


Anonymous 11:52 PM  

I think it's a good idea. It may take a while to get the infrastructure in place but well worth the effort. We could use the revenue. The pot industry is huge in California, much like the wine industry. It's so odd to me that I can go buy a jug of wine, a bottle of gin, a pack of no-doze, some Tylenol PM, a Rockstar, and pick up a vicodin prescription but I can't buy a joint. I'm not much of a smoker, but I know plenty of people who are and are very productive and contributory members of society--we're talking lawyers and school counselors, social workers and salesman. All walks of life like the weedskie. They'd just rather have a smoke than a beer on a Friday night after the kids go to sleep. Easy as that. Of course there are abusers--welcome to America where we find a way to use and abuse all sorts of fun things. So let's legalize it and tax it already. Enough with the saintly hypocrisy. Just my two cents.

~Anon C

Christina 10:08 AM  

Im not sure who posted above me, but I agree with everything they said. I just can't type that good. ;))

tim 12:39 PM  

No problems with legalizing it. And legalizing hemp would be very beneficial. But would it help the budget problem? not at all, because our government would just increase spending as a result.

Here's an idea, don't spend more than you currently have. Maybe if the government set an example, the people would follow and the average american wouldn't be in 10000 dollars of debt(or whatever it is)

I do have an issue with the principle of legalizing something because it would make money. Then you become a slave(at least to a degree) to that industry and potentially harmful agendas, like, say, the tobacco industry. And it's a moral slippery slope. Next, let's legalize prostitution and child porn because it would bring in big money, and only because we are in a budget crisis...



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