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Why I'm not winning mother of the year

I like to think of myself as a pretty darn good Mom. I am sure there might be better out there somewhere (you know, those baby wearing, all organic, crunchy granola types :D) but I do my damnedest. Yet, no matter how hard I try I really don't think I am winning mother of the year, this year anyway. I guess this is a confession of sorts. Part of me is hoping to make you all laugh while the other part is hoping I am not alone in my Mommy flaws.

- I curse more now than I did before I had kids. I am trying to work on it (still) but it ain't easy dammit.
- We don't belong to any clubs, play groups or toddler classes.
- My kids have never been to the library.
- Some days I wish my kids were in daycare
- I wish I could run away to Mexico at least twice a day.
- Most days I forget to brush my hair.
- I call my kids Dude.
- I refuse to watch Barney or Dora even though the girls like both.
- My house is a pig stye many days.
- I pretend I don't hear people when I hear the words "Oh, twins" in a store.
- I countdown to bedtime from about 5 o'clock on.
- During a busy work day my kids might watch Yo Gabba Gabba for an hour solid.
- I listen to my IPod during the day when the whining and screaming gets to me.
- I wipe up applesauce, dinner remnants and whatever else is lurking about with my sock, shirt sleeve pant leg.
- Brian often gets yelled at for no reason.
- The dog often gets yelled at for no reason.
- I let my kids rip magazines apart so I can have five minutes to check e-mail.
- Only battles worth winning get fought in my house. So some things (like standing on the sofa) get overlooked.
- When my kids jump on the sofa or in their cribs I think it's adorable.
- I am jealous of Moms who get out of the house WITHOUT their kids for more than fifteen minutes a week.
- I am jealous of the Moms who have it together enough to do library time, baby gym and play group.
- When the girls burp, I can't help but laugh.
- I want to smack every person who says to me "oh, I always wanted twins".
- I forget what I look like with makeup.
- I hate hearing people complain about their kids when they have typical, easy going kids.
- I have had the occasion to tell my kids to shut up.

There's always next year!


Plant Girl 11:46 PM  

Girlfriend, I could have written so many of those same things! Except the twin-related ones.

You're a great Mom and you are certainly NOT alone.

Christina 10:00 AM  

I hear ya... ;))

Anonymous 3:20 PM  

Just so you don't feel bad, my 1.5 yr old son has also never been to the library. I also call him Dude, usually when yelling at him to stop something. I refuse to watch Barney although he dances along with it, and we also log at least 2 hours of TV time a day (sometimes more). He sits in my office and shreds my work books while I look at Facebook. My clothes and hair have never looked worse, and my makeup is growing moldy in the drawer. You are not alone!! (but we do love our jobs most of the time, don't we)

Kristen 8:56 PM  

Yup, most of the time I do. :D



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