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Helicopter Moms

This past weekend we (along with Brian's 'rents) took the girls to a local indoor play area. It is designed for kids under 5 but the target age is really between 2 to 5. We had a really nice time and the girls absolutely love the place. After we had been there for a while I noticed these three moms with very small kids come in. Their kids probably ranged in ages from 6 months to 9 months. I watched (not like I was some voyeur or something but rather casually) as these Moms splayed themselves onto the middle of the floor in the middle of the place. I thought it was a little weird but nice that they were getting out to socialize with other Moms. I watched as the spent the next hour comparing their children. There was so much "mine is doing this, IS YOURS???" that I wanted to vomit. It became apparent that these would become the mothers who chase after little Susie or Johnny making sure they don't scratch one little inch of their perfect skin.

Why I write about this is I couldn't help but ask myself why this bothered me so much. Why did it annoy the crap out of me that these women were doing this? I had to ask myself the tough question is it because with my kids special needs I can't really win the "my kid is better than your kid" game in terms of milestones? Maybe a little.

I think a bigger part of it is that this is what bugs me most about parents these days. This overly competitive, over indulgent parenting style is not doing kids any favors. Yeah, take your kid to the play area but spend it playing and socializing the kids NOT making needless comparisons (that probably force these women to go home and wonder why their kid isn't doing A, B or C).

Boy did that turn out to be a rant. :D


Henry's mom 10:24 AM  

I agree with you 100%, I can not stand those type of moms either. It brothers me too and I wonder the same question about myself, why does it brother me so much? Is it because my son doesn't reach the milestones when he should and I have nothing to brag about? But, it always rubs me the wrong way when I hear moms talking about, my kid does this and my kid does that oh ya, and he did it at 9 months and they weren't suppost to do it till 12 months. I guess I anm just jealous but then I sit back and feel grateful for what I do have which is the most wonderful little boy in the world!

Sorry that was such a rant and rage but I so feel for what you are talking about.

Thinking of you and hoping you are having a great day with your adorable and perfect daughters.


Christina 7:02 PM  

I hear ya.

David 10:48 AM  

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