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We're taking them...

...on a plane??? Yup! Two two-year olds on one plane and probably in the same row; fun for all. :D

Brian's cousin is getting married in Ohio in October and we have been trying to make a trip there for a year now. Seems like now is as good a time as any. I think I must be a little crazy to be flying with these two but it will be interesting. If anyone has any pointers I am all ears.


Anonymous 1:10 AM  

We just flew across country with our toddler girl and got her this adorable panda bear headset then plugged it into our Ipod and let her watch as many tv shows as we could cram onto that thing. We also had a bag of toys and trinkets that she had never seen before and unveiled them at appropriate times (i.e., when she was about to implode). We were told by many to not rule out the use of a means of relieving the pressure of head congestion from the altitude...yea riiiggghhhttt. We never did use it but kept it in our carry on just in case all hell broke loose.

Rachel 4:22 AM  

You will be just fine. I have flown a lot with my own daughter and also with a friend's twins. A couple suggestions:
- Split up. Your girls are more likely to get really hyper when they are experiencing new things together than apart. When twins sit apart they tend to pick up a bit more on the social cues of everyone else around you who is sitting down, etc. Maybe rows in front of each other so that you can pass things back and forth? If you can't do that online call the airline and explain the situation and request new seats (the people on the phone have many more options than you can see on your computer).
- Dollar store. Grab a handful of new toys and keep them in your bag till needed.
- Sippie cups or lollipops for take-off and landing. Even 2-year olds often can't figure out how to pop their ears on their own.
- Don't preboard unless you have a ton of stuff with you. Let the girls play a bit longer when not constrained. Or send your husband to preboard and board last with the girls (unless you're bringing the carseats onto the plane of course. Speaking of which ALWAYS gate check carseats to increase their chance of arriving).
- Don't try Benedryl (which I don't recommend anyway) unless you've tried it before. Some significant number of kids (like 10% I think) become hyper on benedryl.
- Talk to the girls about the security process on the way to the airport. I once had a 3-year old with a total lying on the floor screaming situation because the security guards were gruff with her (and wanted her to walk through the metal detector alone). Sometimes those guys just don't know anything about kids.

And definitely don't feel guilty about the noise/jumping/smells, of which there will inevitably be some. Planes are not some holy sanctuary for single-20-somethings and business men in suits. Your children are adorable, they're going to an important family event, and if anyone can't appreciate that fact it's really their problem.

Anonymous 4:32 AM  

Rachel said everything I was going to say :) I would advise AGAINST Benadryl...we tried it with our then-18 month old on the first leg of our move to Australia (From BOSTON..yes 27 hours on a plane!) And he acted like he was posessed by the devil. Dollar store toys are great, lots of stickets for them to stick all over anything..even the flight attendants if need be :) Snacks, extra clothes for kids and maybe even you, you never know! Good luck, you will be fine and just think of the reason you are going - to see family, which is worth it :)

Kristen 1:57 PM  

Rachel - THANK YOU!!! I will be printing out your recommendations!

Christina 2:25 PM  

No tips. I just with you peace, and hope you have a safe trip!! :)

Michelle 2:51 PM  

May the force be with you.

Aleigh 8:37 PM  

Looks like you got some fabulous advice! We have yet to brave the airport yet. If you are going to be in Northen OH we'd love to meet up although I'm sure yu all will be pretty busy with family stuff. Have fun!



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