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All the Near Misses

Do you ever stop to think about all the "near misses" you experience as a parent on a daily basis? The falls that you prevent? The things you stop them from getting in their mouth. All you have to do is look at the things that DO HAPPEN and you realize how lucky you are that they haven't been worse. Here is what has happened so far this week... and remember it's only Monday (I am counting Sunday).

- Yesterday - At my Mom's the girls are gated in the back half of the house. It is completely childproofed with no stairs. We ate dinner last night in the dining room at the front of the house. After we finished the girls were playing quietly with the boys and no one had realized that a gate had been left down and Abby had wondered to the front of the house. Gracie (THANK GOD!) came into the kitchen where we were cleaning up and pointed towards the stairs and got out "Abby, stairs". I ran and found that she had climbed 3/4 the way up the stairs, had herself turned around, standing up and was about to try to walk down herself. I am so thankful that I have a tattler I can't even say.

This morning - We were walking out to the van to go to the post office. The girls always walk out themselves, go to their side of the van and wait to be loaded in. Today Grace was being wild and running around. Something got into her head and she started to bolt for the road. We live in a neighborhood but off of the main road in out neighborhood where no one goes 25. I chased her but she was close. Thank goodness that as she got about 15 feet from the road a big trash truck drove by and scared her (she hates the loud noise) and she turned around.

Tonight - This one isn't so bad but anyway. I had put a paci up on the girls dresser because the silicone had a mark like it was worn down (big time choking hazard). Somehow (still don't know how because it's a high dresser) she got her hands on it and I almost put her to bed with it. Thankfully Brian noticed that it was the kitty and all her kitty Wubba Nub pacies have been "retired".

This all probably makes me loot like a lax mother but I think if we all inspect our routines we realize how lucky we are that God is looking out for us.


Anonymous 11:48 PM  

Ha! It's so true. I always trip on the things that I actually do miss. Like when I see a huge scrape on her arm but have no idea when and where she got it. Or when she bashed her face into something and knocked a tooth back and cut her lip--I have no idea how that happened. And I'm a SAHM. Great parenting indeed.
~Anon C

ferfischer 10:59 AM  

And then there's me, and who everyone should think of with a near miss. Because we didn't have a near miss, we had a hit. It could have been a scary incident that shook me to the core, but instead, it was an incident that changed our whole life. I know we've had plenty of near misses, but near misses can easily be hits, and I am grateful every day.

Kristen 1:59 PM  

Ferfischer - I though of you a lot when I wrote that post. In some ways you had the hit that we all dread. I guess in some ways it was a miss since Cici is doing so amazing and SHE'S STILL HERE! It is such a mixed bag. I guess the real point is that we do need to take stock every day. I have to remind myself that even when things suck they could always be worse and I'm lucky I have my girls here with me.



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