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You know what bugs me...

Last week we had 8 tons (two truck loads) of soil delivered to our backyard. Because we have a somewhat wooded lot the dirt was dropped about half a football field from where it needed to end up so we spent two days moving dirt. Brian was in his glory. He was off from work, outside, getting dirty and sweaty and gross. We quickly found out that our younger daughter (aka Grace) is a Daddy's girl in every sense of the word. She loved every minute of the dirty, smelly dirt hauling. Abby on the other hand is much more like her mother and prefers to be clean and smell nice... but we did help all day anyway. :D I digress...

After gulping down some Gatorade (I know I know, we organic eating tree huggers actually gave our kids Gatorade :D. Gatorade's organic, right?) Gracie spilled some down the front of her. I turned around and her father had let her remove her shirt and go back to work shirtless. THIS ISN'T WHAT BUGS ME... just wait for it. She looked hysterical. Like a little hard working farm girl. As a former stable-hand myself a little piece of me was carried back to my days of mucking stalls and hauling hay bales (however, never shirtless). She was having the time of her life being one with the dirt. Some of the neighbors gave us funny looks but decided she is little enough and it was 70 degrees so what does it hurt.

At the end of the day Abby and I were in making supper and Gracie and Brian were cleaning up all the tools. I went outside to get Gracie and here she comes up to the house shirtless, riding in the wagon beaming. She was so proud of herself and her hard work. (Not to mention it was a sensory Christmas morning for her.) So that brings me to what bothers me. I took a picture of her in all her shirtless glory and it came out hysterical. BUT I CAN'T SHOW IT TO YOU. That's what bugs the hell out of me. I can't post a picture of my kid running around my backyard without a shirt at two an a half because we live in a world full or weirdo's and freaks. I hate that I can't take pictures of my kids in the bathtub because if I send them to Walmart to get developed I might have Child Protective Services at my door questioning me. You have all heard the story (I think I saw it on 20/20 but it could have been Dateline) about the mother who was a photographer and lost custody of her daughter for taking pictures of her without a shirt. And they showed the pictures... they were those pictures we all take of our kids running around the house in all their glory.

So I am not sure why I went down this road and no I am not going to post that picture here because I don't need some weirdo drooling over my toddler. But it's a darn shame.


Michelle 10:31 AM  

It is a shame... There are kids out there who are really being taken advantage of and that breaks my heart.

Anyway, I love how much fun the girls had! Our neighbors are accustomed to seeing our pants-less daughter outside. Unfortunately, we're accustomed to seeing our 55-year-old pants-less neighbor outside as well :-/

Anonymous 12:54 PM  

I totally agree with you. I took some adorable pictures of Laney all snugged in my bed. But all she has in is a diaper, so I can't post them.



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