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Time Saving Tricks

The other evening as I was making up my coffee for the next morning I was thinking about how sometimes it's the little time savers that make my life easier (and liveable). Things like the coffee being ready in the morning, laying out the girls and my clothes the night before, Running the dishwasher right after dinner so I can unload at night (while the kids are asleep). If I had to add those little tasks to my day they might be the things that upset the apple cart, so to speak. It got me wondering though. What time saving tricks have I not discovered. What is saving other Moms time that I could be doing. So if you have any good ones that work for you PLEASE SHARE! Time is something I always need more of so I would love some of your hints and tricks.


Michelle 10:06 AM  

I can't wait to see the responses! I do all the same time-saving tricks as well...yet, I still don't have enough time :-(

Some others...

I shower at night now. I never thought I'd shower at night but it saves me so much time if I can get up in the morning and it's one less thing to worry about. Although, sometimes I have to stick my head under the faucet to tame my hair...

Roomba!! Chris got me a Roomba a year ago and I adore it. In my opinion, it's totally worth the price. We only run him downstairs. I do a quick pick up of the kids' toys (Ava helps) and then I set Roomba loose. I can run errands and come home to a clean downstairs or I can bath the kids or work on dinner. The possibilities are endless!

That's all I can think of...

Kristen 1:28 PM  

MIch - I shower at night too (love that is makes my morning more doable) but I have never known anyone who had the roomba. I think I know what I'm asking for for my birthday. :D

Plant Girl 3:28 PM  

When I unload the dishwasher, I reassemble sippy cups so they're ready to grab and fill.

I stick extra plastic bags in the bottom of garbages (bathroom, sewing room, etc.) so I don't have to look for a new bag when emptying the trash.

To keep my bathroom relatively clean, I splurge on clorox or scrubbing bubbles wipes and wipe down the sink, counters, toilet when I'm either brushing my teeth or giving Kate a bath. It keeps it tidy between "deep" cleanings.

When putting leftovers away after dinner I sometimes portion them into lunch sized portions.

Michelle 5:23 PM  

Oh! Plant Girl made me think of another one! To help keep the bathroom tidy we each have a washcloth that we keep behind the faucet so that every time we wash hands, brush teeth, etc. we wipe everything down. This helps SO much!

Anonymous 6:02 PM  

Can't wait to read all the tips! I loves saving me a few minutes. We do the bathroom sink washcloth wipe down--makes cleaning very easy. Also showering at night. I am in awe of those moms who appear to be showered each morning. How does that happen?

We showed our daughter how to feed our dog (dry food only) and she's great at it now. It's a simple task that she can do from start to finish on her own with limited supervision, and she's only 2. Saves me a few minutes.

I spend at least one night a month after kid is sleeping figuring out ways to better organize/decorate/arrange our household. It's actually pretty peaceful walking around a quiet and dimly lit home (often with a glass of wine) and trying to make things work and look better. Relaxing. My biggest tip on this front is organized garage = organized home. They go hand in hand.

Love your toothbrush in the bath suggestion a while back--been using it ever since. She loves it!

Kristen 9:56 PM  

Yay... such great ideas. I am totally stealing these. :D We do the toothbrushes in the bathtub trick for the girls and they love it. If you have more, keep them coming. :D



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