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My favorite part of the Super Bowl

In case you haven't noticed I am a bit of a sports nut. I love sports, especially football and baseball. It's always a little anti-climactic when you watch The Super Bowl or the World Series and none of "your teams" are playing. The Super Bowl makes it a little more fun with the halftime show (which I liked this year. My Mom thought they looked too old to still be up there but I thought The Who was great) and the commercials. I think the commercials aren't as good as they used to be but they still make me laugh.

This years highlight for me was not something that made me laugh. Instead it was something that made me almost cry. I don't know if you caught the controversial commercial with Tim Tebow and his Mom talking about her experience and almost losing him. Having doctors tell her that her baby shouldn't be brought to term. Because I have had a similar experience and chose to fight for my little girl it almost brought me to tears. Here is this amazing football player who was born to a mom who had to have an appointment like I did. There they were, on TV during the Super Bowl talking about this experience and the amazing choice she made. I thought it was brave and I don't care what the critics think. I'm glad they shared that with the world. I wish many days that I could share my miracle with the world.

That was my favorite part. Celebrate family, celebrate life. Words to live by.


Anonymous 12:39 PM  

I hear your sentiment but the "commercial" is a fraud. At the time, Tebow's mother was living in the Philippines and abortion is, and was then, illegal. Even in the case of lethal threat to the mother. Any doctor in that country who would suggest such a procedure to a pregnant women, let alone perform one, would have been jailed. I hate attempts at emotional manipulation, especially base don lies.

Kristen 1:58 PM  

Anon - I respectfully disagree. What is so wrong with conjuring the emotional part of people. It is used in advertising and marketing all the time. I think the words manipulation and fraud are a little strong. They didn't say anything in the "commercial" other than his mother "almost lost him" and how awful that was. People are reading between the lines but the heart of the matter is any person who almost loses or does lose a child realizes the strength in the message of celebrating your family.

In general, it's downright unbelievable to me that any attempt at putting a conservative message out there is immediately attacked. ( I am speaking globally here, not meant towards you Anon... you know I have no problem with a little back and forth. :D)

Michelle 3:28 PM  

Put ANY message out there and it's immediately attacked.

Kristen 3:38 PM  

Good point Mich. Whatever happened to live and let live. I don't agree with 90% of what the media puts out there but my not AGREEING does not make it discredited. Isn't this country basically founded on the principle that we ARE ALLOWED to agree to disagree. I think it's the conflicting of ideas that makes us great. I just don't understand why we need to cut down any message we disagree with. Put ALL the information out there and let people decide for themselves.

I'm just saying. :D

Lindsey Fescoe 10:23 PM  

Tim Tebow is the real deal, totally awesome commercial!

anon, are you seriously saying that if something is illegal, then that will stop people from suggesting it or actually doing it? are you kidding me? come on now. Tim's mother could have returned to the US at anytime to have an abortion but she chose life for her son even if it meant losing hers. Look at what that "mass of fetal tissue" has become now. That is a story worth telling.

Anonymous 6:20 PM  

Aside from the fact that her story has changed dramatically from previous interviews and that her recollection of events (depending on what interview you read) often challenges all known medical and scientific possibilities, no doctor in his or her right mind in the Philippines would ever recommend a pregnancy termination. Six years in prison is the minimum enforced penalty for abortions in that country for doctor and mother and any person assisting in the procedure (this includes the prescribing doctor), and they take that very seriously. Anyone who's been to the Philippines can verify this fact. So yes, Pam Tebow could have gone and seen the one doctor in the Philippines who would recommend the procedure (though at times she has said several doctors recommended it to her), and yes she could have opted to travel back to the US to have it done (the more likely option) or opted for a back room, dangerous abortion in the Philippines thus risking her life and freedom...but, not really.

I think it's safe to say that Pam Tebow is clearly a strong woman who believes that God's will was enough to get her through her troubled pregnancy. I suppose that should be enough with which to create a stirring Superbowl ad without the ever changing "abortion story." And I suppose the take home lesson is that "you never know, you too may birth a miracle football player instead of leaving your existing children motherless and husband wifeless because you died due to pregnancy complications." It is a legitimate choice she made, and I'm glad that we have the freedom in this country to make that choice. That is what makes America great.



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