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To start the dreaded, feared, loathed, avoided "P word". Potty training. Two little words that mean so much change. I know I should have a more positive attitude about it but frankly I don't. My kids want nothing to do with potties or panties or even the treats that come along with it. I decided a couple weeks ago that it couldn't hurt to try. What's the worst that happens? Some wet floors and panties and a little frustration.

So we have talked and talked about training. About panties. About potties. About getting chocolate when you go. About getting a big treat if you do a whole week of training and trying. We were ready. Monday was our "D Day". We woke up and I brought in the panties. Now these were not your ordinary panties. These were expensive, adorable, organic (yes, I know kids don't care about that), comfy, cozy panties. I took Abby out of her bed, got her dressed and put on her big girl panties. She was fine. I went to get Grace out of bed and she had a complete and utter meltdown. She screamed "I don't want to go potty" and "I don't want panties". She got herself so worked up she was choking and gagging. Ok, not the best start.

I decided I would let Abby do her first day and put Gracie in a diaper and really play it up for Abby. Abby started off fine. No accidents. She did about three drops of piddle (sorry if it's too cutesy, I hate when the kids say pee) in her potty. We made a fuss and gave her chocolate. Grace ignored the whole exchange. We had to go to the store so we went to Target and the girls looked through the toys to big a big treat they could come back and get if they did PTing all week. I put Abby in a pull up when we went out because she still doesn't know when her body has to pee. For her it is the general 3-year-old learning PLUS she has VERY poor body awareness. She only went in her pull up once. Then she went in her little potty when we got home. Gracie still ignored the whole issue.

In the afternoon there were several accidents (after having sat on the potty for a while). I was frustrated but we persisted with panties. By the end of the day I had myself convinced that we might need to put the potties away for another week or so and do some more talking.

That's where I was until Abby woke up this morning and insisted on having panties on. Gracie, of course, refused as she is stubborn as a mule. Abby came downstairs and immediately went in her potty.

So for now we are coasting. Panties at home for Abby. Pull Ups when we are out. Diapers at nap and bed. Gracie is still not budging and I am not in a place when I want to really force the issue and "make it an issue". Must be the psychologist in me but I don't want to make it a stumbling block.

This is going to be an interesting ride...


Christina 8:20 PM  

I can't wait to see how it goes for you..I know you'll do fine! I can learn from you. :)

Michelle 9:57 PM  

I'm not looking forward to doing this with Lincoln in the near future... It takes a lot of work, planning and patience. I feel for you!

Cindy Jones 11:07 PM  

Well I decided to potty train the twins one at a time since John was showing no interest at first. Elizabeth has been trained for a few months and John can do it if he wants but he is stubborn. Good luck!

Anonymous 12:03 AM  

Great start and will actually probably be easier to do it separately. Potty training is all timing. If you push them it doesn't work and if you miss their window then it takes forever. Sounds like you hit Abby's window just right!

Don't get discouraged with alot of accidents in the beginning. Only once my daughter was 2 months into undies did I feel safe to steam clean my couch.



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