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What I think happened (LOST SPOILER)

To me it was obvious what happened. I am sure that for everyone who watches the show and thinks they know what happened it i obvious to them too. Although in talking to a few people I know not everyone feels like they have a clear idea of what happened.

So here is what I thought happened. Brian and I have a lot of theories on the smaller details but I think the big general thing that happened was they DID NOT die in the original plane crash. They did live out their time on the island. What I think is that when they died their consciousness went into the "other timeline". That was a sort of purgatory. They spent time their until they were ready to remember what happened, find the ones they love and move on to heaven. Basically some of them died on the island, some of them went on a lived full lives (like when Kate saw Jack and said I missed you SO much. I think she lived the rest of her earthly life without Jack and that's what she meant).

I was satisfied with the ending. I went into it expecting to be sorely disappointed and have this huge good versus evil thing. Instead good was the clear winner in the end. I loved that. I also LOVED the very, very ending. Jack's eye closing representing his death and then the big LOST on the screen. That is some good writing.

It makes me sad. I don't know that there will ever be a show like that again in my lifetime. I don't see myself getting invested in a show like this one again any time soon. I said to Brian last night as the show ended that it made me sad in some small way because this is a link to my pre-baby past. I started watching that show with no kids and infertility woes. It was a good escape. It was easy to attach to TV characters. Now I barely have the time to keep up with my TIVO box. I'm going to miss that show.


The Karkins Family 5:18 PM  

Yea - You and I agree on what it all meant! I thought it was a great end!

I know what you mean! I have weeks of shows saved on my DVR that I never get a chance to watch and they end up getting deleted so something else can be recorded (and never watched)!

BTW: I read somewhere that they may have a special feature on the Season Six DVD that will explain some of the questions that people still feel are unanswered (like the numbers). Put it on your Christmas list! :-)

Kristen 8:26 PM  

Nichole - That would be awesome. I kind of wondered if maybe the writers left some questions unanswered so they could do a book or dvd or something. Hopefully that is the case.



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