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Photographing my children

I am sure many of the Moms out there can relate to this issue, especially those who have more than one kid. Many of us have a great picture of each of our children but rarely do we find a picture of BOTH of our children where they are looking at the camera, smiling and not yawning, crying, talking, chewing, etc. A picture of both of my kiddos looking semi-presentable is a jewel.

Here is the making of a picture of my kids:

From this:

To This:
Photobucket (Love those pics)

Then a little crying

And some yawning

Throw in some deep contemplation

And there you have it. Fifteen minutes of fighting and not one picture of two smiling children. The way I see it (or how I rationalize my attempts) those crying, yawning, thinking pictures are going to warm my heart just as much ten years from now.


Michelle 7:54 AM  

I hear ya!

I'm sure you've tried everything already but for whatever it's worth, here's what I've found to work for me...

Ask questions the whole time you're taking pictures. For instance, get the girls "posed" and then, with the camera pointed at them and ready to fire away, start asking interesting/funny/goofy questions to hold their attention. Slow your speech down and use your best detective voice. Try something like, "Hey Gracie? Do you know what Abby's favorite color is? Hmm, is it banana pudding pie yellow?! Hahahaha! Orrrrr is it monster mash magenta? Hehehehe." The entire time you're captivating them with your inquisitive silliness you should be shooting away. Just be ready to quickly change your silly dial to hold their attention..."Abby?! Does Mommy have a bird on her head? No! That would be silly! Is there a bird on the ceiling?" etc. etc. You get the idea. Sometimes it's tough because they still want to wiggle and move but sometimes, just sometimes, it works like a charm.

Another idea...this mostly works for Lincoln now...I'll grab a small toy that's been buried at the bottom of the toy bin and I'll have it play peek-a-boo around the camera all while shooting away (it's tough to take pics with one hand but you get used to it).

Finally, if there is another adult on the premises then I ask them to act like a complete lunatic right behind me. This ALWAYS works. I'll have Chris doing jumping jacks behind me and make silly faces. You gotta be quick with this technique b/c you'll get the best shots in the first 5 seconds while they're shocked that their Dad or Grandma or Cousin is acting like this but then they'll start reciprocating the behavior and acting crazy themselves.

One more idea - change up the poses. They'll start to get tired of sitting next to each other for pictures so maybe ask them to lay on the ground next to each other and take a pic from above them (just make sure you're not blocking any good light) or have them lay on their stomach with their chin in their hands or lay upside down on the couch next to each other and get some upside down pics of them, etc. etc.

Wait, one last piece of advice - get on their level! Kneel down so the camera is parallel with their faces or get on the ground, etc. I think it's easier to hold their attention when you're on their level.

Wait, no, I thought of one more...this annoys most parents but I've found it to work like a charm. Show them the picture on the camera screen right after you take the picture. I've found that most kids will willingly keep posing for you if they can see themselves in their pose immediately after the picture. I've even had some kids start coming up with their own poses because they're so excited about it. I don't mind running back and forth to share their picture with them if it means they'll actually participate and pose!

Phew, that's all I got! All my secrets have been revealed :-)

Hope that helps!

Kristen 2:11 PM  

Michelle - You are truly an angel!!! I am trying every single one of those. (I am now determined to get the perfect shot of my kiddos ;D.) Now if we could just get our tax money back so I can invest in a decent camera...

Anonymous 3:15 PM  

So true! I've been wanting to change the header image on my blog for months, but I can never get a decent picture of the two girls together. Someday!



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