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At three years old both girls still sleep in cribs... and we have no plans to move them out either. We have been watching as all of the kids their age move into toddler beds and I find myself feeling that pressure. Just this week at gymnastics several of the Moms were talking about what toddler beds they are buying or have recently bought. When they asked me what beds the girls are in I smiles and said "their cribs" and they all looked at me funny.

If everyone else is transitioning shouldn't we be too? For us the answer is no. For Abby a bed is a falling hazard. Plus, they are both very happy in their cribs. It's like their safe haven. They don't ever try to climb out. They have made no comments about wanting to upgrade. So why force the issue?

I am not sure when it is too old to be in a crib. I am hoping when the time comes we know it. All I know is with potty training and getting ready for school that is one transition I think we are going to hold off on.


Michelle 9:23 AM  

Cute picture!

Not to mention, it's easier on Mommy & Daddy the longer the kids are in cribs! ;-)

I think most parents feel like there's no need to transition to a big kid bed until the kids are jumping/climbing out of their crib. I'm like you in the sense that I feel pressure to make the change around two years of age. Ava jumped out of her crib around the age of two so we converted her crib then. Much to my surprise, Linc hasn't attempted to escape his crib yet and I intend to keep him confined until that day arrives. The only issue I can think of in the case of your girls is potty training. What if they have to go to the bathroom during the night? Although, Ava has been potty trained for years now (including nighttime) and she has never used the toilet in the middle of the night so it might not be an issue for them either.

Plant Girl 11:48 AM  

Like Michelle said, I think one of the concerns is giving them the ability to get out at night to go potty. But Kate rarely ever gets up and if she does, she usually calls for our help.

My big concern would be the weight restriction -- I think most cribs have a limit of 45-50 pounds. I imagine though that you've got a long ways to go until that becomes an issue with the girls. ;)

Part of our push to get Kate into a big girl bed was my surgery last fall and redoing her room. I knew I wouldn't be able to life her in/out and needed her to be able to do it herself.

Anonymous 5:28 PM  

when they ask to move or start to climb out..then I would say time to make a change. My kid is ginormous so her legs got regularly caught in the slats of her crib, which is why we moved her to a twin bed. I often wish she was still in her crib!

For what it's worth, I think toddler beds are a waste of money and just force a parent to make one more awful transition--I'd buy them good twin beds that they can use through high school and buy rails until they're old enough to sleep without them. save yourself a few bucks.
~anon C

Christina 8:48 PM  

I agree. I hope mine stay in cribs for a while too. They love, love them. They don't climb out, go straight to sleep. Why fix it if its not broke!

Kristen 4:03 PM  

Thanks for the feedback everyone! It did bring up some things to think about. I checked our weight restrictions (thanks for mentioning that M, never would have thought about that). They are both 60 lbs and with 24lb Abs and 29lb Grace we're good for a while. I will have to give some thought to the potty thing... although they are nowhere near being trained overnight yet.

Unknown 12:33 PM  

Since the weight issue is taken care of, I say let them stay if they are happy.
The best advice I've gotten is to skip toddler beds, but not go right from a crib to a twin. Instead, put the crib mattress on the floor. Once they have a week of nights where they dont wake up on the floor instead of the mattress, consider looking into twin beds.



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