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Cold showers

Is it just me or every time you jump into the shower (in hopes of washing away an awful day) that beautifully hot stream of water almost immediately goes cold??? I think it comes largely from the fact that as wives and mothers we are only "allowed" (by ourselves) to get ourselves clean after the kids are washed and in bed, the laundry is in the washer, the dishwasher is filled and running and the sink full of pots and pans is washed. I don't know about you but I can't afford one of those fancy endless hot water heaters.

I keep thinking one of these days I will have the presence of mind to NOT run the dishwasher and NOT fire up the washing machine. I might even wait an hour after the kids and sink of pans is clean. Then I *might* be able to take a shower that lasts more than three freezing cold minutes. Someday...


Michelle 10:12 AM  

I think someone should write an HONEST ugly truth book for couples thinking about parenthood b/c let's face it, parenthood isn't for everyone and I think some people find it to be a rude awakening. There is a lot of material out there that validates all the warm and fuzzy aspects of parenthood but not enough that highlight the ugly truth, in my opinion.

Anyway, when I read this post I thought it would be a perfect addition to my book idea :-) We always talk about all these sacrifices that we make as parents but it's different when you really break them down like this. A cold shower sucks and it is a reality for the reasons you listed. Going to the bathroom in peace? Ha! That's funny. Forget about it. Eating a warm meal? Good luck with that. Manicures? Not worth the money considering your nails will be chipped 5 minutes later. Read a book? Nah, I'd rather sleep. Sex? Please! Don't get me started!

You catch my drift ;-) Sure, the last chapter will read "totally worth every sacrifice and would do it all over again blah blah" but still! The real stuff needs to be published!

Kristen 1:16 PM  

Mich - That is one book I could contribute to. :D

Kristen 4:39 PM  

Mich - So funny that you mentioned the old sex life. ;D I just wrote a post last night talking about the "commodities" as a parent and that was at the top of my list. :D



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