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Sometimes life just sucks

Such an awesome week. Dealing with all the crap with Abby. Losing the dog. Trying to get things settled down.

We finally had Abby going to bed with a half hour or less of screaming. My parents offered to keep the girls for a few hours so we jumped at the chance. We came home after a nice dinner and a couple errands and turns out Grace was a little bit of a mind job... crying on and off. Abby started crying the minute we walked in the door because she "didn't want mommy and daddy". She continued crying all the way through bed time. After almost two hours of screaming in bed I lost my temper and went in and yelled. Now I feel like a shmuck.

Sometimes life just plain sucks.


Anonymous 11:39 AM  

Let me be the counterpoint here: Don't feel like a schmuck. Don't beat yourself up. You are human. ANYONE would be driven to the edge after hours (or minutes, even) of screaming. Yelling or losing one's temper is not going to impart any long-term damage.

The dirty little secret that NOONE ever shares: Parenthood just sucks sometimes.

You are doing a great job, occasional yelling and all. Just ask your husband. Your parents. Your lucky nieces and nephews. And some day, your own kids will be able to express how much they appreciate you.

I think a manicure/pedicure is in order.

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

I can't believe you waited that long to unleash the beast. 10 minutes in with fussing at bedtime and I lose my cool.

Kristen 8:04 PM  

Thanks Anon & Anon. I have been so patient and handling the crying so well that it just felt like I back tracked so miserably by yelling. Ugghhh!

Anonymous 1:51 PM  

I certainly can't speak to small kids with special needs, but I believe that, in general, losing one's patience and taking on a serious or angry tone with children is not only alright, but also beneficial to them. Maintaining constant patience and calm tones can set them up for failure when, down the road, someone dare raise their voice at them and they cannot handle it or are shocked when someone in the real world decides to NOT spend an hour negotiating with them. Or maybe I'm just mean. Just one mom's opinion!

Kristen 2:27 PM  

Anon - Not only do I like the sound of that because it makes me feel better but it also is dead on. If children think the world is all sunshine and lollipops until their teacher loses their cool or someone around them... that isn't helping them in the long run. Thanks for your input!



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