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Yesterday was the girls Spring conference at school. I got to meet with their teacher as well as all of their therapists. All in all it was a good meeting. The girls are doing amazingly well over all. Their academic skills are well above average. The meeting really didn't bring anything *new* to light. They are seeing some of the same issues at school that we see at home so everything seems to be status quo.

The good news is that it looks like both girls will be eligible to stay in the program next year. We had some concerns that since most of Grace's behavioral issues and tantrums are happening at home they might not qualify her. It looks like it will be enough to keep her in. The mixed news is that they are talking about trying her in the integrated classroom. On paper it looks like a good idea. Having her in with both "typical" kids as well as kids with additional needs. It would create more of a social "challenge" for her. The reality is it means a much larger classroom size, less support and separation from Abby. I am just not sure I am ready for any of it.

The way they presented it is that we would have some say in where she ends up. It just seems to me that having her in a classroom with 3 teachers to 8 kids versus 2 teachers to 20 kids seems like a no brainer... It's something we'll discuss over the next few months.


Kelli Copeland 4:56 AM  

I'm so glad they can go next year. I think it's so good for them!!!!

Kristen 2:24 PM  

Hi Kel! Yay for internet!!

Anonymous 4:33 PM  

As someone who is involved with a special needs child who is in both integrated and special classes, I can say it is a mixed bag. I love the idea of my nephew being a part of both groups, but over the years we have seen him fall very far behind his "regular" peers because the work is just too much too fast for him with his disability, so the teachers have just come to expect less from him. The schools and teachers are so overwhelmed that they have just passed him along and now at 14 he can barely read.

The schools did great providing for his physical needs but his academic needs have suffered. However, I think in general integration is a great thing--and the earlier the better--as long as you are constantly plugged into her schoolwork and making sure she is keeping up--and supplementing at home. I think also, socially, integration is best. Again, that part was great for my nephew...until Jr. High where his differences subjected him to being bullied.

In my nephew's case, his father dropped the ball. Now we are home schooling him and can hopefully bring him up to grade level. With your girls--you will never drop the ball, so it will be fine. Your daughter will once again surprise you!

Kristen 8:46 PM  

Anon - Thanks so much for sharing! That is one of our greatest fears. Thankfully both girls seem to be doing so well academically so far. My far is that once they get past this stage what will happen... Thanks for the kind words too. :D I am hoping no balls get dropped on my watch.



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