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No, no nude pictures or anything... a different kind of exposure. ;D The allergen kind.

Last week, at Genna's birthday party, Abby was caught red (or should I say pink) handed with her face in a NON-VEGAN CUPCAKE! I was so upset with her. I knew this day would come. I knew she would eventually test the limits and the restrictions I just didn't expect it to happen at 3. When we asked her why she did it she just said she didn't know. Thankfully Brian caught her in the act AND her face was covered in icing.

We quickly wiped her, changed her clothes and gave her a Benadryl. She itched and swelled a little but we caught it in time. It is now days later and she still has red irritations all over her chin. We made sure to make a big deal about how serious it is and how she could have been hurt. We made her sit out almost an hour of the party (really to keep an eye on her reaction) so she would get the point.

Well, apparently not. Not three days later did she see milk sitting in a puddle on the table at my Moms (from one of the boys cereal bowls) and she put her hand in it and rubbed her face. Seriously??? She's lucky I was at the doctors with Grace or I might have whacked her. I couldn't believe she did it twice in only a few days.

We have made a point to sit down with her and talk about what could happen. The problem is that she is in a very defient stage and she is too smart for her own good. We're thankful she hasn't had any major reactions. I still worry though. What if no one caught her and she had a reaction that was more serious? What if she ate something she shouldn't and we thought she was playing somewhere and she went into anaphylaxis? It is so frightening what can happen...


Plant Girl 1:49 PM  

Eek! That's scary. The allergy is bad enough, but the defiance makes it even worse. Do you have an epi-pen in case she has a really bad exposure/reaction?

Kristen 3:31 PM  

M- Yeah, we all carry them whenever we take Abs out. Just hoping I never have to use it!

Anonymous 7:08 PM  

it's bad but kinda funny! Gotta love the moxie. What are the medical thoughts on small exposures to an allergen as a way to build up a tolerance? Does it even work that way?

Kristen 8:46 PM  

Anon - Because her blood tests show such a severe allergy level for both egg and milk she is not supposed to have any exposures at this point. In the future if her numbers improve they will do a food challenge to see how she tolerates it. Fingers crossed we get to that point!



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