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There is a lot of controversy out there over whether to keep twins together in school or split them up. Frankly it bothers me that schools almost always take a very cart blanche attitude that ALL twins should be separated. To me a case by case basis would be much more appropriate.

One of the girls therapists at school has been hounding me about splitting the girls up next year. Thankfully she is someone who I get along with quite well so I am more than happy to say my peace about the subject. Lately I am finding it gnawing at me a little. She keeps hounding me on how the girls are getting too dependent upon one another. If it was true I would agree in splitting them but it is just not the case. It bothers me a little that she is being so verbal about it but she is obviously not spending enough time observing the girls and interacting with them. All of the other teachers and therapists tell us that the girls interact well at school but that they spend most of their time playing with other kids besides each other.

So as far as I'm concerned if they are not relying heavily on one another then why split them up? It makes my life a whole lot easier to have one set of teachers and parties and activities. I like knowing that they have extra support in the classroom and on the bus in each other. They are only four.

It just drives me nuts that people feel the need to put all this pressure about it. Who would have more instinct and information about what is best for our kids than us? Thankfully we have a say in it. As of right now we say they stay together.


Christina 8:55 AM  

I agree! And right now the thought of sending my girls to school and telling them they have to split up makes me sad! I don't want to do that. They both have anxiety, and I think it would be stressful for them. And me. ;o

Anonymous 9:26 PM  

I think it's terrible this idea that them relying on each other is a bad thing. Isn't that one of the perks of sibs--that they rely and count on one another? This is a family decision, not a school one. Our society is so "independent"'s like we're afraid to admit that humans need each other. Good for you for standing your ground!

Kristen 9:47 PM  

Anon - I LOVE what you said about our society being "independent obsessed". Amen sister!!!

I have often thought about lucky we would all be if we had a twin to understand us and love us and cling to us for the rest of our life. I watch my daughters just GET each other and I think how in the heck can that be a bad thing. No one gets me like that. They are just such a part of each other.

Anyway, thanks for saying that. I needed to hear it!



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