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One or two

I will start by saying that I AM soliciting opinions here. Feel free to chime in. This is a topic we've been mulling over and I am pretty sure which direction we will go but at the same time I want to make sure we've thoroughly considered it.

We're on day 7 of our FET cycle. I am taking my meds and plodding along waiting. We're getting closer to decision time. The big decision is how many embryo's to transfer... one or two. We're leaning towards one. We don't love the idea of another twin set and all of the issues that come along with having twins. We would love to opportunity to parent one singleton. I think it's obvious why one would be a smart option. The doctor told us that based on her experience we'd probably have a 50/50 chance with 1 embryo.

Here's the other side of that coin. According to our clinics research we have a 39% of becoming pregnant and that is based off of data with the average number of embryo's transferred at 3.1. The twin rate is about 20%. Because the expense and stress and time involved is so high you have to consider transferring two to make it "worth our while". As much as I'd love to have a singleton I would also love to not have to go through this process again.

So feel free to give your opinions!


RocketGrl 2:32 PM  

Trust your instincts, they have served you well.

Saying this with a grin, but long odds have not had much relevance to creating your family thus far. I would not give them any value now. :-). I'm happy for you.

Kristen 4:40 PM  

Good point... :D We always find a way to defy statistics. ;D

Anonymous 4:40 PM  

OK, so you asked, so here it is. Hope it doesn't sound too preachy. To my way of thinking, you want one so implant one. I realize that it lowers your chances of a viable embryo, but you only want one, so why set yourself up for two? I know that there are religious issues here and that selective reduction isn't an option for you, but is not implanting 2 embryos in the "hopes" that only one takes just another version of selective reduction? I say this with complete respect and without wanting to get into the "when does life begin" debate.

I just believe, when you're making a baby (babies), by any means (IVF, natural, sperm donor, etc.), every ounce of love and energy you can muster should go to that baby (those babies), so that no matter how long or short it's time of existence is, it knows how much mommy loves it. It would be hard to convey that message at the same time as wishing only one embryo takes.

Also, to my way of thinking, because "it is a pain in the ass and expensive" for you doesn't make it on my list of reasons to implant 2 when what you really want is one.

There are also health issues, yours and theirs, to consider with having another set of twins versus carrying one. You are of course hyper aware of those.

Best of luck whatever you decide! Hope I did not offend.

Anonymous 9:21 AM  

I have to say, My thoughts were so inline with the 2nd comment that I couldn't of written it any better. You and your husband of course have such a tough decision to make because there is always the $ side of it also, but as Rocket Girl stated too, the odds you two have overcome in all areas in creating your family and with Abby's RS you diffently do not fall in the normal statistics of anything.

I too would follow your first gut instinct. There has to be a part of the scale that always tips a little bit that intial first way! ;)

Kristen 12:24 PM  

No offense taken AT ALL. I opened up the floor for debate so I welcome it. We are obviously leaning towards one but we haven't ruled out two either. Part of the determination will be how the embryo's do during the thawing process. We could easily end up with only one and then the discussion is over.

I really, truly do appreciate other ways of thinking about it so have at it. :D



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