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Poor Little Man

Just as we coasted through the first few weeks I got lulled into a false sense of security. Jack eats well and sleeps well... I felt downright spoiled. Just in time to feel like a little bragging was in order we hit a wall. He is still the most passive baby I have ever been around but...

- The thrush is back, full force. It's making nursing miserable for me and he seems out of sorts when he eats.

- He has a clogged tear duct which is causing him poor eye to be swollen and gunky. Every time I wipe it with a warm cloth he gets so mad.

- His tummy is rumbly and miserable. I am thinking that something I am eating is causing it but I can't put my finger on what. Gas drops are helping a little but I would rather pin down the culprit and cut that from my diet.

- He has a MAJOR case of diaper rash. His poor bottom is bright red. Brian went and got Triple Paste today. It is helping but he poops round the clock (which I am guessing is a nursing thing, since the girls never pooped this much) so he is not happy.

We were up most of the night last night so I am praying for a better night sleep tonight so he can be a happier boy tomorrow!


Plant Girl 11:56 AM  


As for the thrush -- did you get meds last time too? Make sure that both of you are treated majorly. If you're pumping at all sterilize everything or just pitch parts and buy new ones. Wash all of your nursing bras as hot as you can.

It could be something in your diet that is bothering him. And that could be affecting both his tummy AND his bottom. Some of the most likely suspects are cow’s milk products, soy, wheat, corn, eggs, and peanuts. Especially if there is an allergy in another sibling -- so with the girls' history I'd start cutting stuff out of your diet to see if something is the culprit. Sorry. :( Caffeine can be another trigger too for upset bellies but you wouldn't see that in a sore bottom.

It could also be reflux, but I'd look into food sensitivities/allergies first. The being out of sorts when he eats does sound reflux-like though, so I wouldn't rule it out completely just yet.

For his bottom, you could make sure he is REALLY dry and then apply a thin layer of liquid mylanta to help neutralize the acid. Then use the diaper cream, triple paste or even a compounded one from a pharmacy but you usually need a script from a Dr. for that. You could then even go so far as to put a layer of vaseline on as a barrier. But yes, BF babies can poop every time they eat. Much different than formula fed. The constant dirty diapers will only exacerbate a sore bottom if it's already present.

No help on the clogged tear duct. Other than put breast milk on it to help free it up. Sounds strange but I know many people recommend it.

Good luck! I hope it gets better. It lulls you into a false sense of security when everything goes so well and then you hit some rough nights.

Elizabeth McKinney 6:38 PM  

I'm wondering if he has a yeasty butt to go along with his thrush. definitely call your doctor for a script if it doesn't clear up soon. This too shall pass! Poor baby.

Sarah 5:49 AM  

Hi there! I'm a long time reader but i have never commented :) Just wanted to second the previous commenter - perhaps his bum is also yeasty.. that can cause a wicked diaper rash!
Hope it gets sorted soon - poor little guy (and poor you, too!).
It's amazing what a massive time commitment nursing is, isn't it? WIth my first, I thought I knew what I was in for, but phew! It felt like my day consisted of nursing, nursing, and more nursing!
Congratulations on your wee man.


Lindsey Fescoe 9:14 PM  

awww, poor little guy!! Pooping all the time is definitely a nursing thing! Mason did that too... and got the diaper rash. Hope he feels better soon. :/

Rachel 9:00 PM  

Long-time reader. Just wondering if you've talked to anyone about the possibility of a milk oversupply? That could explain both the tummy ache and the rash and shouldn't be too hard to fix if it happens to be the problem.



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