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Dear Grace's Teacher

Part of our kids back to school packet was the form to tell a little something about your kid. You get 3 or 4 lines to tell your child's teacher what they should know about them. Somehow 3 or 4 lines doesn't feel nearly long enough. There are so many things I want the person who will care for them ALL DAY LONG to know about each of them. How do you decipher the most important points?

Dear Grace's Teacher,

There is so much I want you to know. First you should know that I feel blessed to have you as my daughters teacher. You have taught Genna and Will and Jordan and you know me and my family. We grew up around the corner from each other. You are good people. I am grateful for that more than I can say. There are so many things I want you to know about my girl. Where do I start?

  1. My girl is a very sensitive soul. She will seem so tough and sturdy but she isn't. She's more eggshell than steel. 
  2. Grace has ADHD. Not the mis-diagnosed "wild-but-normal" variety but the real deal, meltdowns, tantrums, loses control, high anxiety variety. She can control it much of the time but not all day long. You will see it. 
  3. Sister is a perfectionist. If she can't write a perfect letter G she has been known to throw a complete fit. It frustrates both her and us. We have worked on it for years but have not managed to move her past it. 
  4. She likes things just so. I don't want to say she's obsessive but...
  5. A loose tooth, skinned knee, paper cut or bump to the head will often look more like a full limb amputation on a bad day. 
  6. My girl loves her some arts and crafts. When she gets wild at home it's either music or crafting that soothes the savage beast. Preferably both simultaneously. 
  7. Grace is a tad agressive. Gym class is going to be heaven or hell depending upon how physical she is allowed to be and how much she can reign herself in. 
  8. There will be days where she just doesn't want to be there. She will want to be home with me and we will both cry as the bus pulls away. Just give her an extra hug on those days. 
  9. My girls are gonna fight sometimes. I know under your breath you will curse us for keeping them together but on the other days trust me, you'll be glad they have each other. 
  10. Most important, take good care of my baby. This is the little creature I rocked in my arms and held her hands when she learned to walk. I rubber her cheek when she awoke from surgery and helped her through many a tough speech or OT session. I taught her to swim and paint and dance. I love her more than the sun and moon and stars combined. 

Grace's Momma


Plant Girl 11:55 PM  

You have a special, wonderful girl, Kristen. I am blessed to have both of you in my life.




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