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What is it?

What it is with people anymore? Anyone reading along in the comments section will have noticed a (ahem) heated exchange or words. This got me to thinking yesterday. What it is with people in general these days where we are so quick to judge and cut each other down. I have had a few instances recently (most of which I was a mere observer and not directly involved) where I have witnessed people so needlessly taking shots at others for no apparent reason.

We're all human. We all err and screw up and act like idiots. But why is it necessary for others to so readily point it out to both you and the rest of the world. Its' part of the reason I avoid facebook. To me it drives people to point out the bad and the ugly rather than celebrate the wonderful and joyous.

I know in my own life there is plenty of things to bring me down. I make plenty of mistakes and do enough dumb stuff. I don't need anyone to point it out. My wounds need no salt.

It's the holidays. It's time to be merry and bright and celebrate. So, I am going to try to remember that. When someone I know errs or makes a mistake I will bee keeping all of our humanity in mind.

** My disclaimer: By no means am I apologetic for the situation that lead to the afore mentioned heated exchange. I did nothing wrong and neither did my kids. 


Casey 12:44 PM  

I agree. I mean, there are some black and white "mistakes" (which really are just poor choices disguised as mistakes) that I think warrant criticism or feedback from close friends and family, but mostly I think we are [almost] all trying to do the right thing. People who are experts in one particular subject, such as dog training perhaps, would be wise to temper their feedback given the fact that others do not have their breadth of knowledge. Alternately, it cracks me up how some people, who have limited exposure to common information, assume other people are as ignorant and spread their assvice around liberally, I assume this is a maturity thing. Had some well meaning (maybe not?) person tell me the other day, during an FB discussion on cleaning products, that I shouldn't mix bleach and ammonia. Thanks genius. That is when I have to work on MY maturity to not reply with a "thanks genius" comment. Anyway, I too will work this month on kind and gentle communication. A good thing to keep in mind, especially when dealing with our own kids.

Kristen 2:38 PM  

Casey - I had to laugh about the amonia and bleach comment. People can be so silly sometimes. I do agree that there are times when people who truly love us need to tell us to calm the heck down or reign ourselves in. That's what family and friends are for. I do think people can be so quick to throw their opinion out before thinking.

I had a couple times today where I had to hold my tongue but hold it I did! :D Mostly when talking to my kiddos. ;D

Anonymous 3:43 PM  

So, I have a college degree, two graduate degrees, and a wealth of world experience...and I mixed bleach and ammonia once to make a super cleaner. I think we all have our blind spots of knowledge and experience. I might mention that "no bleach and ammonia" thing to someone, as a cautionary tale, and would not like it is someone responded with "thanks, genius."

I think life is better if we assume that most people are coming from a good place, even if the way they are coming at us is aggressive, or loud, or bossy, or seemingly pedantic. The world is filled with immature jerks. We don't have to stoop to that level.

And with animals, well, people are PASSIONATE about that. Pushes a lot of buttons with some. That doesn't justify the snippy commenter, but it does add perspective and dimension. I know children with service dogs and honestly, the families were NEVER told what your family was. In fact, they were encouraged to set an adjustment period and let things settle down. They also were required to work with the trainer one-on-one for much more time before bringing the dog home. Did you vett out the services and consider others? You might want to find another service dog provider, one that provides more at-home support and guidance to ensure an easy transition. Because a walk in the dog's home area and then a release to a car ride to a new world/life/home paradigm is really not the norm.

It's sad that you had a bad experience. I hope the next one is better.

Kristen 2:16 PM  

Thanks Anon. I did A LOT of research and for our area this agency has very respected reputation. The reality is that this is not a full service dog so they cannot put the time and funds into home training. We knew that going on. All that being said we will definitely be more cautious the next go around.

MaggieL 7:10 PM  

Love and HUGS to all of you, my special friends. Mae Mae



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