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3 Hour GTT Results

I finally heard back from the OB's office today about my test and as it turns out, I failed. The office called this afternoon and said that I failed by a little. However it was just enough to be considered gestational diabetes. I guess I was naive enough to think that maybe, just mayeb I would squeak by, but no such luck.

I spent the day tracking down my glucometer, lancets and testing strips, boy was that a fiasco. Long story short, my OB office told me that I needed to go to a Durable Medical Supply place so I set off on a mission to find one that my insurance covered. At this point I was tired (didn't sleep last night) and very disappointed about failing. I was having a teary day so my "mission" was not an easy one. The first place no longer existed so I called Brian to have him help me find another one. We found one so I started driving their. In the meantime Brian called them and found out they moved to a different town. I know it doesn't sound like much frustration but I was in tears. I had to pull off the road to stop crying. (Yes, I am an idiot.) I finally found the place and when I asked for what I needed they looked at me like I was crazy. Turns out the office was wrong and I just needed to go to my local pharmacy.

So, after all this I end up at Target Pharmacy and the pharmacist who I love (they know me by name b/c of all my scripts) filled the script and chose a great meter for me. I brought it home and Brian and I figured it out. The lancet part hurt a little, but not awful. My sugars today were 115 (2 hours after lunch) and 156 (2 hours after dinner). I have to test four times a day.

Next I will see a dietician and try to control my sugar through diet. If that doesn't work than I will have to move on to meds. Hopefully it won't come to that. Guess I will just have to wait and see.


Anonymous 9:39 AM  

Oh Kristen! I'm so sorry you've developed GD (and had such a crappy day)! Just keep thinking about meeting your girls pretty soon and you'll pull through this! Praying for you!

WendyLou 12:57 PM  

Crap, Crap, Crap. I was so hoping you would pass and not deal with this.

Yuck. I'm so sorry.

Plant Girl 1:03 PM  

Damn. I too was hoping you'd pass the 3hr test and wouldn't have to go down this road. Hopefully the change in diet will be enough to manage the GD and you'll avoid the meds!

Sorry about the fiasco. It's so frustrating sometimes to deal with crap like that. Glad though that you found the meter.

seattlegal 4:51 PM  

Darn it! I was hoping that this wouldn't be the case. Like Mandy, I hope the cchange in diet will help so meds can be avoided.

Emilie 8:34 PM  

Ok - On a scale of sucking out loud, this is only somewhat bad. Look on the bright side: you will only have this trial for two months, tops.
You have done things harder than this before. (remember the shots? the failed cycles, over and over?)
Just think how your girls will now be getting just the primo foods they need for the remainder of your pregnancy.
You CAN do this. You can.

Nickie 5:23 PM  

*HUGS* Sorry it turned out this way. I already mentioned all my 'pearls of wisdom' to you on FF, but wanted to say again that this is sooo nothing compared to the IVF and other stuff you've already dealt with. You can do this!! Still sucks though.



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