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Ultrasound and NST

I had my 34 week ultrasound today and it went very well. They managed to do my NST (which was supposed to be tomorrow) to save me a trip! I was thrilled to cut my appointments for the week from 4 to only 3.

Shockingly, I passed the NST with little problem. Both girls were reactive and stayed on the monitor very well. The u/s was good, both girls look great. Abby's fluid level was a little low again, but not too bad. I still can't help but wonder if her levels might be what lands me in L & D, but we will have to wait and see. She is now measuring 4lb 6oz and Gracie is 4lb 14oz. Both girls gained well over a pound since last time. They are in the 25th and 47th percentile. Other than that we are right on track! I don't go for another growth ultrasound for 3 weeks (and I am kind of hoping I don't have to wait that long to deliver). I will stick to my twice weekly NST's for now.

Other than that I am still terribly achey and slightly miserable. Just about everything hurts now and I can't sleep at all. I fnally fell asleep last night around 4, but only slept on and off very lightly. I think I got maybe 2 hours in total. Then I am exhausted during the day but don't want to nap b/c then I might not sleep again tonight. It is a vicious cycle. Oh well, at least the end is getting near.


Emilie 8:38 PM  

What are you thinking!?!? Nap when you can! (wink) You will be up every other hour from delivery till at least 5 months (that's when THEY will start sleeping in 3to 5 hour chunks, bless their little souls...)
I used to have nap picnic days when I first had my little one. You just stay in bed all day, read till you fall asleep, wake up, nurse, snack, potty, begin again.
You have to sleep when the spirit moves you. So what if that is at 2 in the afternoon? You may be up all night if you nap or not.

Michelle 8:54 PM  

Oh man, I really really really really really feel for you...the aching everywhere and no sleeping thing is AWFUL! Reading that post brought back a lot of those memories and I actually got all GRRRR inside...

Anotheramy 9:19 PM  

Nap, the rules have all changed. Youre up all night anyway so why not sleep when you can?
Nap was my favorite word for years and years.

Plant Girl 11:17 PM  

Nap! Get as much rest as possible, whenever you possibly can. I know it's hard because you're so uncomfortable but try.

And woohoo on combining appts today. Enjoy your day "off" tomorrow!

WendyLou 12:07 AM  

I have one word which was a miracle for me and sleep....


I took it on and off while pregnant. Bed rest really screwed with my sleep habits.

Rest when you can. I'm so glad you are still pregnant. I'm really hoping you get to 38 weeks. You don't want a preemie, trust me.

Lindsey Fescoe 10:06 AM  

I'm glad to hear your appts went well. I hope you find a way to get some sleep, that's really important! :)



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