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A Little Frustrated

As most of you know we have started Abby in Early Intervention because of her marked gross motor delays. I work very hard to complete her PT regimen at least 3 times a day... and we try to shoot for 4 or 5 times a day. Each session takes about 20-30 minutes, which isn't easy when juggling two babies. I like our therapist although she has a wicked habit of being VERY late, which I hate. She also makes sure to always reassure us of how good Abby is doing and how she isn't far behind at all. As much as I like Yemi every time she says it I want to pull my hair out. I know development. I know my kid is WAY behind. Stop blowing sunshine up my butt.

I am sitting here watching all the other babies around us who were born early, had delays, etc. all learn to roll and crawl and walk. Gracie is blowing my mind by cruising furniture and walking with a walker. Then my poor Abs still can't sit alone, roll over or come close to crawling. I know that she will get there in her own sweet time. In itself her delays don't bother me that much. I got over the "my baby is smarter than your baby" bus a long time ago. I just feel like I have to justify my kid at every turn. I have to remind the therapist that even though she works with kids who have greater needs MY KID HAS PLENTY. Then other people have to be reminded that my kid is not retarded. Some days I just feel like I can't win. It is so freaking frustrating to listen to other people whine about their kid being mildly delayed when Abby is so far behind they don't think she will catch up until she is 4 or 5. I think I just need a good long scream. ;>)


Plant Girl 11:34 PM  

Scream away, my dear. Scream away.

I'm incredibly sorry about Abby's delays. It's so hard when people try to be reassuring. But you're right, you know that Abs is behind. You don't need it sugar coated. I think they're just trying too hard to be supportive.

I completely hear ya on the justification. I feel like I'm always explaining to other moms myself. What I love is when they offer suggestions. Like the therapist isn't qualified enough to tell me what to do. *rolling eyes*

Hang in there sweetie. Our little ones will catch up when they're ready.

And if you ever need to talk.

Anonymous 12:37 PM  

I hate the comparison aspect of parenting, but it can't be helped...I swore I would never do it with my own 2 kids, and I find myself doing it in my head all the time. It is even worse when others do it, and I am sure they don't mean to hurt you, but it still does. You have 2 wonderful beautiful little girls!!

Kaycie 11:33 PM  

I hate the "one up" game in parenting. Each little kiddo is just that, one unique person!

Abby is doing great. She has overcome so much and I check in on her (and Gracie!) all the time because I have always been impressed with all they have overcome and been through. You have 2 miracle little girls that are amazing and with all little Abby has been through, I'm truly amazed with the progress she has made.

I know it's tough, but keep it up momma! You've been doing FANTASTIC and your persistence will pay off one day! It will!!!!



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