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16 Months Old

Yesterday my "babies" turned 16 months old. Hard to believe that it has been so long since they were still in my tummy... some days I miss that.

Here is what the girls are up to at 16 months.

Gracie: My deal little Gigi, what can I say about her. I think she is more monkey than girl. She spends her days jumping, running, climbing, disassembling the house, shrieking and throwing things. Sounds like she'd be in trouble a lot but she is so damn cute it's hard to be mad for long. She does have time outs almost daily in her crib for some of her antics. On the whole she is a VERY happy young lady... wild, but happy.

She has something like 10 or 11 teeth including 2 molars. She is now weighing in at 20 1/2 pounds. She is still tiny but growing. She is eating terribly. She throws more food than she eats and has gotten super picky. She sleeps great. If she had her own room I swear she'd sleep over 12 hours at night. She is now saying Dada, Dog-dog, Yay, Ba-Ba and Go. She can sign bottle, more and water. She really isn't all that into signing. Despite being so wild she is really a girl-girl. Today we bought her a tutu and pink sparkly leg warmers.

She is sweet as pie to her sister; bringing her food or her cuppy. She pats Abby on the back when she cries and rubs her face when she's tired. We are being careful not to let Abby get too dependent on Gracie doing things for her. Wouldn't be good for either of the girls. Gracie might be a bit of a hell raiser but when Gracie smiles it is like the whole world gets a little brighter.

Abby: And on to Miss Abber. Abby has traded in her permanently laid back personality for a much feistier version of herself. She is still more mellow than her sister but has by far more of a temper than we thought she'd have. She is sweet and smily most of the time but you don't want to cross her. She is now crawling, pulling to stand and starting to cruise furniture. It may not sound like much but we didn't think we'd be this far at 16 months. We just ordered a walker for her (more info to come on this topic). Not a baby walker but a therapeutic walker. Hopefully it will get her on her feet by 2.

Abs now weighs just under 18 pounds and isn't gaining weight well. She has 12 or 13 teeth, also including molars. She is still wearing her 9 month clothes but might hit 12 months by the end of winter. She can only say basically one word but it means many things. Her sound DADA means Daddy, dog-dog and duck. She occasionally says baba but not often. She can sign More, Bottle, Cup, Food, Water, Thank You and is starting to sign Mommy & Daddy. She loves to sign.

Abby adores her sister. She follows her around and rubs Gracies curls when they sit together. They now make each other laugh which is an incredible sound. Abby doesn't "care" for Gracie the way Gracie does but they depend on each other so much. As soon as Abby gets up in the morning (she is the first up) she has to look in on Grace before we leave their room. It is truly sweet.

So that's where they are at. Who'd have thought I'd be here a couple years back. Never thought I would make it to this point. Even though my battles, losses and infertility seems like light years ago it also feels incredible fresh in my mind.


Tara 1:55 PM  

I loved reading the update on both of them. :)



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