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In God We Trust

There has been some dicussion of late whether the phrase "In God We Trust" should be removed from currency because of separation of church and state. I think this is a ridiculous proposal. What about history? What about leaving well enough alone? Why is it that a few loud mouthed non-believers have so much say over the rest of us. They take the pledge of allegiance out of schools and we all stand by and watch. Now this??? Really??? Do we have no bigger problems to be working on in this country??

Here is an MSNBC Poll on the topic


tim 9:56 AM  

Religion can be pretty oppressive, so removing the motto could lead a better society. At the same time it could anger God and he might destroy us all, so this is an issue of vast importance!!!

I don't mind it being removed. I don't think it's a true statement anyway, and it seems like christians are much louder and pushier about things like this(ten commandments in school, crosses on public property, censorship, etc) and that stuff really bothers me.

For instance, the christian community went crazy when a court ruled "One Nation under God" out of the pledge a couple years ago. They also claimed it was part of our history and the foundation of this country, but it has only been in the pledge since 1954.

Anonymous 4:26 PM  

Well, it isn't exactly true. It should read "In God Some of Us Trust." Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt wanted it removed from currency as he thought it was sacrilegious to place God's name on money? Either way, it's less of a substantive statement and more of a symbol of American unity and will not be removed anytime soon as a very high percentage of Americans think it's A-ok.

~Anon C

Michelle 7:21 PM  

I agree with Tim. I feel that the religious groups are much more oppressive than the loud mouthed non-believers. After all, they dictate who can and cannot be married in our country... And I agree with what Anon C said regarding not all of us trust in God.

Can I just say that I love how Obama recognizes the non-believers?! It's about time.

MrsSpock 9:46 PM  

"In God We Trust" wasn't placed on our currency until the Civil War. There was a huge religious movement at the time. It was changed then to reflect the sway the Christian majority had. Why not change it now? I think the importance our history as a country that refuses to recognize one religion over another far trumps a piece of Civil War era doggeral that has been on our currency.

Another interesting fact, the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist (and Baptist minister), and did NOT include the words "under God". It was written in the 1920, when there was a huge swell of immigrants who were all attending the new public schools being built at the time. It was meant to form American solidarity between these people of all nations and religions. Those words weren't added until the 1950s, when the catholic Knights of Columbus waged a campaign to add them, and distinguish ourselves from those "atheist commies."

As someone who is both Pagan and agnostic, I would say that we most certainly not the majority that holds the sway of tyranny over the rest of the country.



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